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    Photo Uploads: Photos are flipping from vertical to horizontal... WHY?

    Hello!  I am trying to upload some vertical photos to my website, but every time I upload them, they flip from vertical to horizontal, so the photos are being flipped on their side.  I do not see an option to edit the photo once I have uploaded it into a slideshow or photo gallery.  I have not had this issue in the past.  Anyone know how to keep this from happening or how to edit the uploaded photo?

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    Hey @lisforleader,


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    Usually when this happens, it's because the image was taken with a mobile device. Sometimes the site you're uploading to won't recognize the data that says how the picture is oriented. The easiest fix would be to download the picture on your computer and open it with an image editing application. You can then save it and that should rewrite the file with new orientation information. After doing that, it should upload the right way. 


    Let us know if that helps. 


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    I opened the photo I took with my phone that showed vertically ok in the file on my OneDrive file. When uploaded to GD it reverted back to horizontal photo in the gallery. When I opened the photo on my OneDrive in PhotoImpact Pro and then saved it with a new name, and then uploaded the new file in GD, it showed properly. Thanks for the help.