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    using your own code

    Hi guys, 


    I'm very new to this and just got a domain yesterday as I've been postponing making a portfolio website for ages. I got this website builder trial for free the next month, but I don't really like it or understand it as it feels really limited (only 7 themes), and i have no idea how to make it into a portfolio. It just looks too complicated and too simple at once. So, i'd like to use or buy a template of my own and apply it to the design, is that possible? How do I avoid going through this website builder? And how do I avoid paying for it after the free month passes, as I don't need it? 


    Thank you very much and I hope to resolve this as jumping into this head in is very confusing!


    Take care, 



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    Hi @MiaPejovic,


    This link and the links it contains should answer just about all your questions about GoCentral (new websitebuilder) to help you make up your mind whether it's for you:


    If after reading this you decide not, there are many other choices and a chat with support is really a good idea before spending money on something you no longer need or like later.


    But important considerations are to be made if you want to do any hand coding work. Some CMS's won't allow this. Please speak with support for the latest updates and features of the many products on offer for your needs.