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    How to display a regular Calendar on my website?

    I have synched my Google calendar in my website but I want it displayed as a monthly calendar not an event calendar in a list. I have gotten several complaints from customer that the current calendar in the event format is difficult to read and follow. How do I get just a plan old monthly calendar embedded into my website? Would it display as a month if I used an Outlook calendar?


    It didn't used to be this way - my website calendar showed the whole month but when I renewed and upgraded everything changed. The website templates have been made idiot proof and can't really be customized the way they used to be.

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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: Calendar format

    Hi @Lucy3. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! You can use an HTML section to embed a calendar as well. With Google Calendar, you can usually get this code from your sharing settings for the calendar itself. You can use the options within Google to change the design of what you embed. 

    Google Calendar settings 2.jpg


    Google Calendar embed.jpg

     Google Calendar embed 2.jpg




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    Re: Calendar format

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    That worked perfect and displays exactly how I wanted it too.


    In my website builder I had been adding a section called "calendar" which was another mistake I was making. So after following your instructions to get the code I went back into my website builder but went to the add section called  "embed html code" instead of "calendar"


    Thank you again!