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    Multiple links on one page in GoCentral?

    Hello! Was wondering if there is a way to add multiple links to one page in GoCentral? Here's what I'm trying to do. I have one page (lets call it #1) that has all the artists on my website listed. I want to add a link to each artist's photo on #1 to another page (#2) that would have all artists (with bio and a few pics of their paintings) on that one page. I would use multiple sections to create all the individual areas for each artist on page #2. When you'd click on the photo in #1 it would take you to that area on page #2, not just to the top and then have to scroll down to try to find them, but right to that artists area. I have 39 artists so I would like to not have 39 pages, which is almost at my limit for GoCentral. Any thoughts? THANKS!! Have a great day!! Marc

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    Advocate VII

    Hi @marcrosie,


    In typical html coding you can use "anchors" to define places in a page.  In your case lets take artist 5.  On page 1 you have your short description and a link, <a href=".../page2.html#artist5></a>


    On page2.html you segment your artists by defining an anchor <a href="#artist5"></a> at the beginning of the section where you want this information displayed.


    Essentially, you're overall code would look like.

    <a href="page2.html#artist1">artist1</a>

    <a href="page2.html#artist2">artist2</a>

    <a href="page3.html#artist2">artist3</a>


    Page 2 html is layed out

    <a href="artist1"><a>

    <h1>Artist 1 Title</h1>

    <p> information....................</p>


    <a href="artist2"><a>

    <h1>Artist 2 Title</h1>

    <p> information....................</p>


    <a href="artist3"><a>

    <h1>Artist 3 Title</h1>

    <p> information....................</p>


    <a href="artist4"><a>

    <h1>Artist 4 Title</h1>

    <p> information....................</p>


    <a href="artist5"><a>

    <h1>Artist 5 Title</h1>

    <p> Here is where you landed!</p>


    When you click on the link with an anchor it takes you to the PLACE in the page that you've linked to.


    Hope this helps,


    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

    I think what you are talking about is what I am looking for but unfortunately, I don't have enough experience with html to know for sure-is there any way you could elaborate.  It seems that nesting pages are not available at this time.  I was wanting to have categories on my Photo gallery page that would lead to more pictures in said category.