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    Reformat template designs for tablets

    I just upgraded to the business templates for Web Builder.  Yeh - I see the mobile preview - cool! Then I went to my tablet to see how it looks there, because the mobile preview looks like an iphone design. Well, my 8" Samsung tablet screen view is horrible. So, I have buyer's remorse because I live on my tablet and expect people to use theirs, as well, to see my site. I need to do a major redesign for my site with much smaller margins [I originally designed my site for a school project for desktops].


    Say I have a 17" laptop screen, how many inches should I be looking at, from the left side of my design to the other, to get a reasonably close page view for an 8" tablet?  I've chatted with a couple of customer reps online and they gave me the whole song and dance that I can't put in a "responsive" code to their templates, that each mobile screen in tablets has different settings. So, I don't need that lecture.  However, I don't see why they can't put a code in their templates for tablets, while it does work universally (?) on whatever mobile devices they have for the mobile preview. It looks like they coded it for smartphones, only?

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    Community Team
    Community Team

    Hi @Angelsors, if you're looking to expand the options available to you when you're designing your site, you may want to look at a hosting option that provides you with the ability to edit code on a deeper level than what is available through the Website Builder.  Wordpress would be a good option as it can still be created and maintained through a browser interface, but it will give you the ability to work with the code should you want more customization, or if you want to try making a more responsive site.  I'd recommend giving our live support team a call to see about your options for getting moved over to a different type of hosting plan.  


    Good luck.



    I'm done recommending them.  I'm no techie and just understand their templates because of my small skills in Adobe Illustrator, which has similar moves.  I've already paid through 2020 for the personal, so it was a few dollars to upgrade monthly for the business level. Coding is way above my pay grade, and extremely time consuming to learn more stuff. I'll just experiment with my website for a small footprint in design. Big drag.


    No company should market their software as mobile responsive without including tablets.  I haven't gotten any bites from small businesses recently, from those who may want to pay the business level.  Now, I'll have to tell potential clients that if the business level is in their future, find another company that will grow with them.


    Again, Buyer's Remorse, in spades!