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    Transition theme change from old to development site

    Hi all,


    I'm new to the GoDaddy website builder. I have a client who's tasked me with updating her website. 


    I would like to know the ramifications of switching themes. I searched the community but couldn't find any relevant information. 


    More specifically, I've read that changing and publishing a new theme doesn't preserve the existing content. Is this true? If I select a new theme and publish it, I believe I'd be starting from scratch with a fresh theme.


    Is there a way to develop a theme in the background without disturbing the current theme and then when ready, publish and overwrite the current theme with the new one, thus making a clean change transition?


    I'm also interested in integrating the WordPress themes offered by GoDaddy. I assume if I go with this approach I will have to start from scratch and build the website using the WordPress theme.


    Again, is there a way to basically develop the new theme in a private place and then do a clean swap on publish?


    Thanks for your help,

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    Re: Transition theme change from old to development site

    Hey @peakwebsites,


    It ultimately depends on the version of our Website Builder your client is asking you to update. If it's our current GoCentral site builder, there are no themes to change as all elements are controlled by content sections and layouts.


    If it is a previous (version 7) plan, then any theme update will require re-adding content to each of the pages. If there's any specific content from the current layout of the site you need for the new version, I would recommend copying this elsewhere before officially picking a new theme to switch to. Any uploaded files (such as images) will still be available for use in the new pages. Also, the current live publishing of the site will remain active until you republish the newly designed pages.


    As for WordPress themes, neither version of our Website Builder plans support such themes. If you're considering a switch to WordPress for such layouts, then you'll want to build a new WordPress site within a separate hosting or Managed WordPress plan first before canceling the current Website Builder site and applying the domain name to the new site once it's ready. 


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