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    Upgrade for full year price or rebuild whole website?

    I've been using godaddy for years and years and have always been pretty happy, but I just built another site with Website Builder this weekend and realized, after it was complete, that it's not mobile friendly because it's the "Personal" version. I tried to upgrade (paying monthly, because I don't want to foot the bill for a whole years worth right now) but they told me since it's paid for the next year already, the only way I can upgrade is to wait for a year and then upgrade or wipe my site clean and rebuild it from scratch. Really?


    With all the knowledge godaddy possesses, you can't just apply what I just paid toward an upgrade without me having to rebuild the whole site from scratch? I'm a little confused.


    Has anyone else ever experienced this?

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    Helper V

    Re: Upgrade for full year price or rebuild whole website?



    Hello there,

    I wonder if it is due to using that website builder ? I had that shared hosting for several years and my sites just got to big.....

    It took some doing from customer service but they got my server up and going, moved everything over.....money had to come back, then go through again (that was a pain in the tushy!! I rather do the yearly thing), though I was not using the website builder. Why I wonder if it is because of that with your issue?

    Can you back up that website builder? Gosh sure hope there is something they can do for you..... think they could - like you said...... is that website builder html ?? Just curious

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