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    Website Builder Navigation Links

    How to add navigation links to select pages only, instead of showing on all pages.

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    Re: Navigation Links

    @LoriAnne, What CMS are you using for example Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal?

    Akuma55 Developments

    Re: Website Builder Navigation Links

    Hey @LoriAnne,


    First let me say welcome to the community! Smiley Happy

    Sounds like you might be referring to the navigation buttons in a Website Builder page designer. When organizing pages within the navigation menu, you should see a menu option for the navigation block that appears like a "down arrow". That gives you 'more options' including one for "show only on this page". That should help you hide any additional buttons you're adding to one page that you don't want displayed on other pages in your site. 


    Let me know if that helps. Or perhaps you might be using a different design application, in which case we'll need more details so other members can offer assistance?


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    Re: Website Builder Navigation Links

    I too am looking for a way to HIDE the navigation bar just on a single page. If i understand you correctly, you would have to undo the SHOW ON ALL PAGES and manually set each page to SHOW ONLY ON THIS PAGE....one at a time.


    That would be easy if you had only 5 pages but I have 100+ pages. Is there no way to simple HIDE the navigation bar on a single page?



    Re: Website Builder Navigation Links

    Only way to do it is to "Do not show on all pages" and then copy/paste your navigation on whatever page you want it on.


    Add another link to Navigation Bar

    How can I add another link in my Navigation bar. I have Shop and Home, but I would like to add one that links to my blog?

    How do I rearrange pages?

    I'm sure this is very simple but I can't figure it out. How do I rearrange the page layout/order in the website designer??

    Re: Website Builder Navigation Links

    Did anyone find out how you can let the navigation bar display on ALL pages EXCEPT one? I don't think it makes sense I have to copy and paste the navigation bar at the top of every page so it doesn't show up on one single page. There has to be a better solution

    Re: Website Builder Navigation Links

    I agree - i have over 100 pages and it seems odd  that you can't have the reverse option - would love it if somebody came up with a creative solution to this problem its driving me crazy!