5 love lessons from the GoDaddy booth at #BlogHer15

Passion, prizes & company pride

When I attended my very first BlogHer conference in 2014, I saw inspiring keynotes, participated in informative sessions, and met with both established and aspiring bloggers to see what makes them passionate. #BlogHer15 offered the same opportunities, but this year, I was lucky to experience it from a slightly different perspective: the GoDaddy booth in the Expo hall.

GoDaddy booth at #blogher15

Wait, did I say, “slightly different?” Working the GoDaddy booth at #BlogHer15 offered a completely different perspective — and I loved every minute of it! I loved so much of it, in fact, that I could make a list a mile long. In the interest of brevity, however, here are the five big love lessons I learned in the GoDaddy booth at #BlogHer15:

1. I love learning about people’s passions F2F.

This year’s BlogHer conference theme was “Experts Among Us.” After the opening keynote we wrote down our own special expertise and shared it with our tablemates. “Don’t write that you’re an expert blogger. We all already know that!” I loved this conversation starter. During the conference I met experts of all kinds!

I met Marian from countdownto70.com. She’s an inspiring new blogger who shared her plans to blog about her renewed spirit and excitement for life. She strives be a role model to younger women as well as those in her own generation. Marian rocks!

I met Pauline (finally!) from aspiringmama.com. She just wrote a book that I cannot WAIT to read, “BabyFat: Adventures in Motherhood, MuffinTops, & Trying to Stay Sane.” This woman, Pauline – I’m pretty sure there’s nothing that could stop her from doing anything, ever.

I met Billie from mixingbowlsavings.com. Billie is a fellow self-proclaimed nerd, mom and blogger. She’s one of those personalities that I felt an immediate connection to. She’s a juggler of all things — mommy, wife, full-time work, etc. I’m sure the list goes on and on. Her energy, excitement and smile were contagious.

I couldn’t possibly list the myriad people and personalities I met in and around the GoDaddy booth at the conference, but every single person had a great story to tell — and I loved hearing them all.

2. I love that my daughter is a Girl Scout.

I’m a Cub Scout leader – Webelos this year to be exact. I’m also the mom of a Girl Scout. Both programs are close to my heart. Anna Maria Chávez, CEO of the Girl Scouts of the USA, was a keynote speaker at #BlogHer15. As a member of both Scouts and GoDaddy’s Women in Technology program, I love all that Girl Scouts does to encourage girls to get involved, make a difference, and seek out opportunities in STEM.

As I shared my excitement about the keynote with many of the women visiting the GoDaddy booth at #BlogHer15 throughout the day, I learned that many also were Scout leaders, moms, or former Scouts. The organization offered one more piece of common ground on which to connect.

3. I love giving away prizes.

#blogher15 attendee holding GoDaddy bike giveaway signThis might seem obvious because it’s better to give than to receive, but it’s especially true in this case because our booth giveaways were actual products created and sold by our own customers. How cool is that? It was such a great opportunity to showcase our customers and to see firsthand how much prize recipients loved their winnings. GoDaddy products and services help our customers be more successful online, and in turn, our customers make us look good! It’s a beautiful symbiotic relationship.

4. I love the GoDaddy Booth experience.

For me, every experience is a learning experience. In this case, I learned more about the amount of planning, work and attention to detail that goes into running and manning a booth on an expo floor. From designing the booth setup to tearing it down, I discovered that our events team is a well-oiled machine. While the BlogHer event emphasized the amazing speakers and attendees, the sponsors hard at work on the expo floor were something to behold.

I was in awe watching our team and reps from other sponsoring companies connect with booth visitors. It wasn’t just about the swag, either. Every person who came to the booth gave me an opportunity to get to know them. I loved that.

GoDaddy booth consultation at #blogher15

5. I love working for a company I believe in.

As I met people throughout #BlogHer15 I kept hearing, “You’re with GoDaddy? I use GoDaddy! I get the best support from them!” This made me so proud. I wanted to yell, “I know! Right?!” Sometimes I do. Our booth was hopping with bloggers who wanted to learn a little more about the GoDaddy Managed WordPress platform — and the fantastic information and feedback flying back and forth was really gratifying to hear. Loving your employer is a really big deal to me!

I’d like to close with a special mention for the local pizza. Having never been to New York City before, there was a resounding amount of advice from my friends to “Eat a slice of pizza while you’re there!” My pie was from La Bellezza and it was delicious. Even better, I could easily enjoy it with a glass of actually good-tasting tap water. Sometimes the little pleasures in life add up to greatness.

As a GoDaddy Social Advocacy Specialist, Cj connects with advocates and influencers to build relationships within the social media community. An award-winning podcaster, and former mommy-blogger, Cj knows her way around the Web. Her love of all things related to social media keeps her engaged and always happy to help others achieve their online goals.