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Recently, Afternic rolled out new nameservers that will display a “Buy It Now” landing page, or BIN landing page, when domains utilize them. The benefit of having a BIN landing page is the impulse buy, offering that easy path for purchase.

Afternic also offers lead-generating landing pages that have been recommended highly until the recent rollout. These have been successful due to the contact that is made by the Afternic brokers within 24 hours.

Now that both are here the question is, which Afternic nameserver is right for you?

The BIN landing pages, as stated, give easy access to a potential buyer to jump at the chance and seal the deal. When you think about impulse purchases, you might understand that many of these still have a budget. For domains listed for less than $1,200, we recommend pointing to the BIN landing page based on the idea that fewer negotiations would take place on these domains.

With the lead-generating landing pages, the best domains to point here are the domains that are for sale above $5,000.

The voice-to-voice contact with the Afternic brokers provides the opportunity to educate the potential buyer on the domain’s true value and bridge the potential knowledge gap to help close the deal.

Through listing options with Afternic, there are additional tools such as floor pricing that can help progress negotiations that the brokers can leverage during these contacts with potential buyers.

What about the domains in between $1,200 and $5,000?

That will depend more on your pricing strategy. It has shown that users who take the time to individually price domains benefit more from the “Buy It Now” landing page as their pricing can tend to be more in-line with market value, while users who take a more blanket approach to pricing will benefit from the brokers making contact.

Whatever your prices or strategy, maybe it is time to try the Afternic nameservers in a new way.

Jonathan Labor
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