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This article is part of the Beyond the Domain series, hosted by GoDaddy’s Heather Dopson. The show brings the best tools, resources and information to guide you along your journey to life-fulfilling ventures. You can watch it (almost) weekly from the GoDaddy Facebook page.

Dre Armeda went from serving his country in the U.S Navy, to co-founding website security company Sucuri, to becoming an employee. Along the way he’s learned some great life lessons and shares his wisdom on those topics in this episode of Beyond the Domain.

Highlights from Beyond the Domain, featuring Dre Armeda

I talked to Dre about the realities of transitioning from the military into the civilian world, and how Dre ended up co-founding a company with three goals:

  • Monitor websites remotely
  • Look for potential points of compromise
  • Identify ways to destroy those vulnerabilities

We talked about the realities of leaving the comforts and stability the military offers and what it’s like to start all over with a family depending on you. It’s never easy to make a massive change and often times, it’s really freaking scary. Dre shares how his family handled the tough times.

Dre ArmedaDre goes on to discuss what it’s like to build a rapidly growing tech startup and then to be acquired by a large brand. (GoDaddy purchased Sucuri in 2017.) The founders didn’t build Sucuri with acquisition in mind, but when GoDaddy showed interest in their company, they felt alignment between the brands. Becoming part of the GoDaddy family of products seemed like an easy transition.

In the second half of the show, Dre walks through the vital components of a website’s security stack. He talks about why your website might be at risk, even if you can’t understand why anyone would want to hack your website.

Dre says that more than 90 percent of website attacks out there today are opportunistic; they’re not targeted.

So many freelancers, small businesses and entrepreneurs don’t think their site is at risk because they aren’t big brands. That simply isn’t the case, so Dre and I talk about the multiple layers of security you can implement to make sure your site is safe from those malicious scripts floating around the interwebs.

Act now to protect your website

This episode of Beyond the Domain, featuring Dre Armeda, will help you understand the vulnerabilities that exist on your WordPress website and the steps you can take to protect it immediately. Watch, then act.

Image by: Jason Blackeye on Unsplash

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