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Autoresponders are a great way to boost engagement with your audience and bring more traffic to your website. By emailing interesting content – with the promise of a valuable series of emails to come – your readers will look forward to receiving your emails, and your brand will stay at the forefront of their minds.

Use autoresponders to welcome new customers

Autoresponders Welcome

When someone new subscribes to your list, it’s a lovely practice to acknowledge and orient them. This service also serves to establish some brand authority, loyalty, or at least, familiarity. When a reader subscribes to your newsletter or registers as a customer, in addition to adding them to the regular list, consider sending them a series of emails that provide them with useful information.

Welcome emails should be filled with links and explicitly invite readers to reach out and ask questions – these are components for engagement.

(Don’t let the term “autoresponders,” versus drip campaign, trip you up. “Autoresponders” refer to the automatic triggering of an email. Drip campaigns are an example of using autoresponders with a focus on series of emails with set intervals between them.)

Welcome emails serve plenty of practical purposes (establishing expectations, transactionally confirming opt-ins, ensuring that your emails don’t end up in the spam folder, providing links to essential content from the archives), and their effectiveness with engagement is multiplied when fleshed out into a welcome series.

Create an online course to engage your audience

You can also schedule a series of emails to form an e-learning course, create momentum for a holiday, company event, or share more than one side of a much-discussed topic, as a tie-in to your brand and expertise.

One example of an email series which educates and engages is the Divorce Survival Kit. This themed email series offers advice and strategies to those contending with the complexities of divorce. Each installment takes the reader to the next step in dealing with this difficult situation. Kit subscribers who have follow up questions or especially tricky issues may contact a Divorce Detox life coach to receive personal support.

A series of emails make an excellent platform for e-courses or e-learning. Many brands have subscribers sign up to a list for a specific e-course or information. This helps the brand to establish itself as an authority in the field of digital marketing and encourages subscribers to continue to engage with the company, perhaps eventually becoming paying customers. This is a potent lead capturing and relationship nurturing tool.

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Ben Jacobson
A content and social media marketing specialist, Ben been active as a digital branding professional since the early days of social media, having overseen projects for brands including MTV, National Geographic, Lean Labs, and Zagat.