Build your business with a .CONSTRUCTION domain name

Go make something beautiful

Planning and building is in your blood—it’s what speaks to you! What if I told you there’s a domain name extension that speaks to your customers, telling them exactly what you do in a quick glance? Let me introduce you to .construction—a domain extension that does all the talking, letting you focus on building an awesome business offline.

Gone are the days when small businesses like yours have to use mile-long domains ending with .com,, or .info to communicate their business name and industry. Those traditional domain extensions have been around for a while, you know, and many of the short, memorable domain names are no longer available.

Now, instead of registering a clunky domain like, you can register—shorter, sweeter, scannable and downright awesome.

Whether you’re a building inspector, carpenter, architect, general contractor or anyone else in the building trade, a .construction domain name will make your business stand out like a beautiful skyscraper amongst one-story flats.

So, are you ready to erect a successful business and take your online identity to the next level with a custom domain? Hard hats aren’t required—it’s simple and will only take a few minutes.

To learn more about .construction and the hundreds of other new domain extensions coming your way, check out this video:

Trying to come up with a business name? Try our Business Name Generator – your future domain name might be available.

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Genevieve Tuenge
Genevieve Tuenge is a writer, former small business owner and creative director. She's an avid supporter of local mom-and-pop shops, and has devoted much of her career to helping small businesses understand and access the tools and information they need to thrive online.