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Proudly partisan online

Elephant or donkey? Stephen Colbert or Ann Coulter? Chances are, if you have any interest in politics, you’ve chosen sides. And if you’re looking to take your far-right, left-wing or anything-in-between leanings online, you might consider snagging a new .democrat or .republican domain extension.

Whether you’re a political insider or simply a CNN junkie, getting a new .democrat or .republican domain is an ideal way to broadcast your political affiliations and opinions.

These newcomers to the gTLD slate are perfect for candidates, officeholders, activists, party organizations, clubs and individuals who identify with either the Grand Old Party or its Democratic counterpart.

Just add your name, city or cause for a proudly partisan Web address.

Did your gubernatorial candidate from the GOP just get elected to your state’s top office? Then you could be On the other side of that political fence? Then you might be a

Running for a local, state or federal political seat? Consider how a .democrat or .republican domain name might help you land more votes:

It will show what you stand for.

When your .democrat or .republican domain name pops up in a list of search results — like a keyword search for “democrat + new york” — a glance at the descriptive domain name alone will tell viewers what you’re about.

It will attract like minds.

Like activists to a political convention, a website with .democrat or .republican in the name will draw the attention of others who share the same affiliation.

It will make you easier to find online.

With a catchy, easy-to-remember website address that echoes your campaign messaging — such as or — potential voters won’t have to dig into the recesses of their memory to recall your website’s URL.

Plus, because these domain extensions are so new (unlike .com) you’re much more likely to get a .republican or .democrat name that doesn’t come with any skeletons in the closet. The .com extension has been around for a while and millions of .coms are already taken. Why add hyphens, extraneous numbers, and the other troublesome baggage to your domain name just to get a .com? Vote “no” to that noise!

Instead, add “tech-savvy” to the list of reasons to vote for you or to support your political cause. Click here now to search for your .democrat or .republican domain name.

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Andrea Rowland
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