Create your first email newsletter in 30 minutes or less

GoDaddy Email Marketing makes it easy

My dentist just sent me an email to let me know she expanded her practice to include another dentist. Why is this relevant to me? I was about to switch dentists because mine is so popular I have to book months in advance. Now I know I have options right in her practice. The office didn’t call or text me. If they tweeted or posted the information on Facebook I wouldn’t have heard about it, because, let’s face it — why follow my dentist’s tweets? Instead, the email was waiting for me in my inbox. It was short, sweet and very appreciated.

Why do I love email marketing so much? Because email marketing, when done right, is an amazing way to create and maintain relationships with your customers.

But how do you create an engaging, interesting newsletter when you’re already too busy to remember to eat breakfast? And how do you do it without spending your children’s inheritance?

GoDaddy Email Marketing, that’s how.

Ready, set, create!

My friend, Maryam, moonlights by selling estate jewelry online and at fairs. She’s just about to start doing it full-time, and now wants a way to keep in better touch with her current customers. I offered to create her first newsletter for her and told her that I’d have it done in less than 30 minutes. I’ve set my timer … here goes:

First, I’m going to dive into my GoDaddy Email Marketing account and Create a Mailing. I’m titling it, “Check out our booth!” Now I’m going to uploading some unique images that I can use to help make this newsletter pop. Amazing! Less than a minute to drag and drop 15 images from my desktop to the Image Gallery. To help my friend promote her brand, I’m adding her Silver Faeries logo as a banner to the top of the newsletter. Snap!


Now I’m going to add content. Maryam wants to let her customers know she’s going to be at an upcoming fair — so I included a link to the fair website. She also wants to remind them why they need to buy jewelry in the first place. Mother’s Day provides the perfect opportunity to create this sense of need. A few snappy paragraphs to spell it all out, and some pics to help tell the story, and we’re good to go.

Finally, a quick preview to make sure everything looks good — and voila! Done … 26 minutes! (For a step-by-step guide to getting started with GoDaddy Email Marketing, check out this Support post.)



Don’t believe me? Just take a look at this short video:

Versatile marketing at its best

You can use email marketing to send coupons, update your customers, offer holiday greetings, give birthday salutations (I like that word; it comes with its own background music), share important information, and even keep your family reunion plans updated.

Using GoDaddy Email Marketing, you can begin creating meaningful relationships with your customers in no time at all — well, in 30 minutes or less.