December 2019 and January 2020 What’s New in Websites + Marketing

Post directly to Facebook & Google My Business | Book from Facebook and Instagram | Online Store Marketplaces | Inline Editor | More accent colors | PDF Viewer | Unpublish my site | New How-To videos

Goodbye 2019, hello 2020! It’s hard to believe it’s the start of a new decade as well as a new year. We also updated our mark. “It represents the entrepreneurial spirit,” explains GoDaddy chief brand officer Cameron Scott. “All of our customers have an idea, and they all have initiative. We are there to say, ‘We’re here with you for your first step. We’re here with you for your next step. And we’ve got your back every step of the way.’”

Even though we took some time to enjoy the holidays, our Websites + Marketing and Online Store teams produced many new updates.

Post directly to Facebook and Google My Business

One of the advantages of Websites + Marketing (W+M) is the ability to manage your entire online presence from one place.

From your W+M dashboard, look under Marketing for Facebook or Google My Business.

If you haven’t connected yet, we’ll help you. If you have connected, look for the Create Post button.

Write your message, add a link, a single image or multiple images and Share. That’s all there is.

Book appointments from Facebook and Instagram

If you have online appointments on your site and you’ve connected your Facebook and/or Instagram accounts, now people can book appointments online from any of those three locations.

You’ll need to check that you’ve connected your Instagram business profile with your Facebook page so that Instagram and Facebook can sync with each other. You’ll also need to confirm you’ve connected your Facebook here to your site.

In your Websites + Marketing account, go to Settings then Facebook Booking (for Instagram booking too).

Select Let’s Do This then follow the prompts. When you’re finished, go to your Facebook page or Instagram profile to view your services.

Our Book online appointments from Facebook and Instagram article can help if you have any further questions.

Online Store Marketplaces

Have you tried Marketplaces yet? It’s a place where you can connect and manage all of your online stores (Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, etc.) from one place.

Now you can import products from your stores, create one central listing, and then share it in multiple places at the same time. Look for more details coming over the next few months.

Website Builder improvements

Your website may only be a part of your overall online presence and strategy, but that doesn’t make it any less important. We have a number of things that make building a website easier.

Rearrange, add and delete content inline

Wouldn’t it be nice to edit, arrange, add or delete content right in the page where it’s located? We thought so too.

If you open your Websites + Marketing site and start editing your site, play around with moving content in any About or Content sections. Or add a new About or Content section and see what you can do with it.

Move blocks left and right, remove them completely, or add a new section. It’s all right there. Changes are saved as you go, but won’t become live until you Publish your site.

Videos available in the About section

Although we have two layout options if you add a new Video section, we knew we could do more than that.

Now if you add an About section and choose one of the five layouts below, you can replace the image with a video. The video-friendly layouts in the About section are:

  • Feature content with images.
  • Useful to showcase images with descriptions.
  • Feature two images with descriptions.
  • Tell your story with a feature image.
  • Tell your story with an image.

If you add or edit one of those five About sections, look for the Video option in the right-hand editor. You’ll be able to add a link to a YouTube or Vimeo URL.

We can’t wait to see what you can create.

PDF Viewer

Have PDFs of information for your visitors to download? Now there is a PDF Viewer section option. Your PDF is interactively embedded in your website, letting people turn pages and read before they choose to download your file.

Add a new section to your website, then search for PDF Viewer. Upload your file, edit the title and intro text and any other settings you wish.

Maybe you have multiple files or need to post other file types (for example, image, document or spreadsheet). You’ll want to use one of the two Files sections to add downloadable files.

Unpublish my site

The ability to unpublish is helpful for people who accidentally publish before they were ready, or if they want to make changes offline or need the site to be live for only part of the year.

While you’re in your website editor:

  • Select Settings in the My Site panel. (If you’re in another page, use the Home icon to return to My Site.)
  • Select Unpublish.

Unpublishing your site changes your site to Coming Soon displayed over your header image (which you can change).

If you’d like to create a front or landing page and hide the rest, or temporarily redirect your domain to another site such as a Facebook or Instagram profile, read our Unpublish my site help article for instructions.

New How-To videos

We’ve got three new courses on our How-To page, bringing the total number of courses up to 13 (and over 100 lessons).

  • Advanced Design and Media in Website Builder teaches how to work with pages and navigation as well as advanced multimedia features in Website Builder. You’ll learn about image libraries, video, and audio and how to use them to the best effect.
  • Getting Started with SmartLine teaches about the benefits of SmartLine and how to use the different features of the app.
  • Adding Advanced Functionality in Website Builder teaches how to edit site-wide settings and how to add new functionality in website builder. Anyone can benefit from the lessons about cookies, tracking, privacy policies, favicons, and adding testimonials. Food- and service-based businesses benefit from lessons about menus, reservations, online ordering, online appointments and taking online payments.

Websites + Marketing Help resources

If you have questions, check out these Website Builder resources. And remember — we offer 24/7 phone support. Call us!

Note: If you don’t already have a Websites + Marketing account, you can start a free trial today.

Need help with social media? The GoDaddy Social team can help with that.

Image by: Taleen Kali of Kali Punk Yoga by Anthony Georgis; Makers 2019 in Los Angeles, California