Dig into a delicious new domain name

Domains for foodies

Nothing is better than enjoying your favorite comfort food. For me, that’s guacamole and mac ‘n cheese (separately, of course). I love the taste of fresh cilantro and chili powder layered through perfectly mixed guacamole. As for the mac ‘n cheese, it has to be the Kraft version, no exceptions. I know it isn’t real cheese, but the satisfaction I get from eating a warm, cheesy bowl of this particular pasta is unparalleled. Maybe your thing is a hot cup of coffee; its tantalizing aroma alone is enough to pull you out of bed on an early morning.

Foodies around the globe know that good food is more than just a delectable explosion of flavor on the taste buds; it is an experience that brings us comfort and joy. And if that’s the kind of experience you want to share with others, there’s a slew of scrumptious domain extensions that can help you showcase whatever’s on the menu.

Whether you’re a caterer or barista, own a bar or restaurant, or just love dishing about great eats, the new batch of food-related domains can heat up your business online.

A website name that ends with one of the new food domains — including .bar, .beer, .catering, .coffee, .kitchen, .menu, .pizza, .recipes and .restaurant — makes your edible offerings obvious at a glance. It’ll be faster and easier for people searching for food and beverage products and services online to identify your business.

Keep it short and sweet

Great cooking is all about the ingredients coming together in a perfect harmony of flavors. You wouldn’t skimp on the quality of your ingredients, so why do it with your domain name? It’s important to keep your website name short so it’s easy to memorize. That means, whenever possible, avoid hyphenated, choppy names that break up the flow of your brand name.

Want to showcase your restaurant’s special menu for the winter season? Try a website name like SteakZoneWinter.menu. Want your customers to know you have the hottest wings and Monday night football on every screen? Maybe WingsSports.bar is in your odds. Are you a brew purist? You can trumpet your ale affinity with a name like OnlyCraft.beer. Like to blog about 20 different ways to make deviled eggs? Register a name such as PerfectEgg.recipes.

These new domain name extensions open endless right-to-the-point naming opportunities for every avenue of the foodie lifestyle.

Get found faster

I’m not a creative cook. I can’t look in the fridge or pantry and throw items together in the hopes they’ll produce something edible. I rely on the Internet to provide me with recipes and ideas about how to repurpose that leftover chicken. Like most people these days, I also turn to the web to find local restaurants, bars and coffee shops. A website ending in .restaurant or .coffee or .bar will get my mouth watering.

So whip up a website that ends in a relevant domain extension, and pepper it with great content to boost your search engine ranking. Even if you’ve already got a website ending in .com, .net or .org, consider adding a food-related domain that redirects to your main site to get greater visibility, more traffic, and, ultimately, more customers.

These new domain extensions are so fresh that you’ve got a perfect opportunity to secure a name that’s just right for your business. And that’s yummy.