Domains: Hobby or business?

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As we get to know our customers, we might ask, “How did you come to have so many domains in your account?” This usually gets a chuckle, “That’s a really good question!” Most domain investors started out as hobbyists. People naturally come up with great ideas and will usually register a domain to protect that specific concept or brand. There are only so many hours in the day, so they might not get to development right away… or ever.

“I’ll get to it one of these days…” can result in having domain registrations for several years.


We all know that carrying domains comes with renewal expenses, and these can add up.

Building model airplanes, learning to play guitar or establishing a garden all come with certain financial expenses. Domaining is no different than any other hobby. What if you could sell the model airplanes that you built, get paid for playing guitar in front of an audience, or produce enough food from your garden to have a booth at the farmer’s market?

When we start to generate income to offset expenses, the passion moves out of the realm of hobby and can then be considered a business.


Actively selling domains can be quite passive. Who wouldn’t be interested in a passive income? If you are not actively selling your domains with a defined strategy, let your designated representative know that you are open to the idea next time you give us a call. Our goal would be to assist your management of a profitable domain investment business.

Who knows where that first step might take you?

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