Color your website earth-friendly with a .green domain name

It’s easy being green

In the first season of The Muppet Show, Kermit was quick to tell us that “it’s not easy being green.” Well, he may have had a point back then, but now it’s easier than ever to start thinking green — especially with a .green domain name.

This year marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day, and what better way to honor your commitment to a greener, more sustainable environment than by securing a website address that ends in the new .green domain extension?

You’re on the up and up when it comes to global warming. You’ve tracked your carbon footprint and you’re aware of your energy consumption. Whether you’re a blogger with hundreds of hints and tips about what to recycle, or a hands-on volunteer planting trees from coast to coast, you know what it takes to commit an act of green. Securing your own .green domain name is just another natural step in this environmental movement.

Green living at a glimpse

A .green domain name can immediately identify you as earth-friendly. From the moment people see your website address, they’ll know you embrace environmental causes. With Earth Day around the corner, a website address that ends in .green is a great way to showcase that mission. Of course, this domain’s possibilities aren’t limited to Earth Day events — it will draw attention to the need for environmental change year-round.

DotGreen Community, Inc. couldn’t agree more. They recognize that our current lifestyle is shifting toward a more sustainable existence, and their mission is to perpetuate this new sense of social responsibility. Websites tagged with the .green domain can help:

“The word green is universally recognized and represents sustainability, social responsibility and environmental good. The network of .green domain names coming online will support the ongoing shift to sustainable consciousness of Internet users everywhere.”

A domain name that sticks

The .green domain is exclusive and because it’s so new to the market, you’ve got a fantastic chance of securing a shorter, more memorable web address that still holds true to your green identity. Going .green means you can select a universally recognized domain name with an emphasis on bettering our environment — all without compromising the length and ingenuity of your name. With your one-of-a-kind domain name in hand, it makes it that much easier to start the conversation about going green.

Green means business

If you’re looking to boost your online presence, .green might be the way to go. A January 2015 web search for the term “green” showed more than 11 billion results, according to DotGreen Community. That’s amazing! Our society is rapidly pushing for more environmentally sound options and practices across the board. With so many people out there looking to go .green, it’s prime time to capitalize on this ever-growing market.

A recent Nielsen study found that 55 percent of online consumers in 60 countries will pay more for products and services provided by companies that are “committed to positive social and environmental impact.”

If you’re a small business owner, that’s a big number. Being environmentally conscious pays in more than one way — and you want to be sure your customers know you’re aware of the trend. You can gain that recognition and build green credibility for your business online with a .green domain.

Ready to register your new .green domain name?

Image by: Mr. Theklan via Compfight cc