Pay attention to your email image size!

It's OK to resize

Images are an integral part of any great looking promotion, and yet we so seldom actually think about them beyond the easy upload and drag tools. I’d like to mention an important thing — pay attention to your email image size!

Email image size matters

You can upload any image up to 1MB in file size with GoDaddy Email Marketing, but that doesn’t mean you should go for the biggest image you got with the highest resolution possible. Keep in mind that your readers don’t all have super high speed internet, and if you want your images to load in the emails fast, keep the file size down. I recommend to keep your email image size to under 100kb, but certainly anything under 400kb is fine.

Occasionally, I hear of images not appearing in some browsers or email clients, and 99% of the time it’s because the file uploaded is just too big! Now I’m not talking big file size — I’m talking the image itself is about 1500 pixels wide. Y’know, a full screen sized image! While that image looks good in your image viewer on your desktop, shoving something that big into a small space (like in a text/image module sized to 300px wide) can freak out some browsers.

So, how do you keep email image size down? Simple!

The solution

Before you upload the image, resize it to the size you plan on displaying it at. For example, the header image is 1000px by 560px. You can use Photoshop or any other photo-editing software, but here is what it looks like via

Email Image Size PicMonkey

Typically, pre-sizing the width of your image should work just fine (height doesn’t matter as much — get the width right, and height will sort itself out). This will ensure a reasonable file size and perfect rendering, too. A quick thing to note though: this works going from big to small. It’s never a great idea to go from small to big — that’ll result in ugly, blurry pixelization.

Image by: pasa47 via Compfight cc