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Flare launched for iOS and Android to help aspiring entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. Since then, people who had previously only shared their ideas with close friends and family have gained easy access to a new audience — a community who can quickly validate their ideas.

With just a few minutes spent posting an image, a short headline and description, users can receive unbiased feedback 24/7 from the Flare community of artists, developers, students, marketing experts, seasoned entrepreneurs, small business owners and others.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can tap into the varied experience and background of the Flare community to get invaluable feedback for their ideas.


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One self-described freelance developer posted multiple ideas that he had, even one that he wasn’t sure had much merit, just to see what would happen. The idea that he had initially dismissed garnered more interest from the community than the others, which encouraged him to consider it more seriously.

Once that idea crossed the 10+ followers threshold in the initial 24 hours, the freelance developer continued to refine it. He asked questions and took polls to get more specific feedback from his supporters — one of whom even proposed partnering because he believed that they have similar ideas.

Stories like this are not uncommon.

We’ve heard from aspiring entrepreneurs from all walks of life, including college students with altruistic ideas who received validation for and are taking the next steps to pursue their concepts. Even people who were initially cautious about sharing their ideas have expressed a change of heart once they realized the overwhelming amount of work that it takes to bring an idea to life — making it unlikely that others would pursue their ideas. Sharing on Flare also has made some people realize that their ideas are not as unique as they had previously believed.

Top Charts & LinkedIn login

Flare’s ability to help entrepreneurs quickly validate an idea in 24 hours is valuable in figuring out if the idea has merit.

During the initial stage, all users are anonymous to reduce the bias of feedback — it’s based on the merit of the idea alone and not the creator. The next step in refining the idea is even more important because the entrepreneur receives detailed feedback from people who loved the idea.

Entrepreneurs are interested in knowing who they’re communicating with so we’ve added LinkedIn login, in addition to Facebook, so that community members can identify themselves.

We’ve also made it easier for entrepreneurs to gain more supporters, even after the initial validation stage, and grab the attention of new Flare community members.

Flare’s Top Charts features daily the top 20 ideas that have 50+ followers and an actively engaged team.


While most ideas disappear from the Home feed after 24 hours, we’re bringing back and showcasing the most popular ones so that users who may have missed the idea in its validation stage have the opportunity to follow that idea and give feedback.

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Have an idea that you’ve been thinking about? Get feedback from the Flare community (App Store / Google Play) and tap into the expertise of those who will gladly help you bring your idea to life.

Make it to Flare’s Top Charts and we might feature you and your big idea in an upcoming article!

Tina Nguyen
Tina Nguyen is a Director of Product at GoDaddy in the Emerging Products group. She is also a user experience designer and full-stack developer. Tina received her B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of California, Davis, and her M.S. in Computer Science (specializing in Human-Computer Interaction) from Stanford. She was also trained in the design thinking process at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford ( Throughout her career, Tina’s guiding interest has been to create products that improve people’s lives. Connect with Tina on LinkedIn.