gTLDs—These online names got game

Everything is about to change

If you own a business or are starting your journey of being a business owner, looking for a new domain to use for your website can be stressful. “What keywords should I use? Is this name too long? Should I pick a .com or what?” are questions you’re probably considering as you choose a domain name for your online business presence.

Fortunately, the continuing rollout of hundreds of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) to the online marketplace makes it easier than ever before to pick the perfect domain name. These descriptive new domain extensions—such as .lawyer, .guru, .careers and .tips, just to name a few—give you a new opportunity to register domains that perfectly represent what you and your business are all about.

gTLDs and Branding: A Perfect Combination

Because the popular .com, .net and .org domain extensions have been around for so long, it’s often tough to register a short, memorable domain name with these TLDs. gTLDs make finding industry- and brand-specific domains a breeze. Before gTLDs, for example, you might have resorted to a cumbersome domain name like Now, you can shorten that name to Awesome, right?!

“These new gTLds are really hot,” said actor Oleg Taktarov, star of 15 Minutes, Rollerball, and Predators. “They are fantastic for branding yourself or your business. People breaking into the [entertainment] business can easily market themselves with a .actor domain for their website and show the world that they are in the trade.”

Get Found with Geo Domains

Another big advantage of these new gTLDs is that you can use them geographically if you are a local business. With extensions specific to geographic areas including cities, countries and continents—like .nyc—you can make it easy for local customers to find your products and services (i.e. your business) online.

“My clients don’t search for me online; they search for homes in Savannah,” said Alison Harris, who owns the Harris Sinclair Real Estate Team. “Having a domain with the name of my business isn’t as effective as say, The new gTLDs are great for getting domains that have the same keywords that my customers are searching for.”

To learn more about finding the perfect domain name, see Selecting and Registering Strategic Domain Names. Click here for information about preregistering the perfect gTLD for your small business.

Isaac Irvine
A cheerleader for small business owners and buying local, Isaac “loves the heart and soul that local businesses put into their products and services.” He’s especially interested in writing articles and sharing advice about productivity and efficiently building a business. “It’s hard to run a business and balance family and friends,” he says. “I have young kids and a wife at home, so I know how important family time is. I love sharing tips and tricks that help small businesses grow and give them more time to spend with the people who support their dream at home.”   When he’s not at work, you can usually find Isaac and his kids riding their bikes at the local skatepark or sampling local coffee offerings.   Isaac is a native of Northern California who transplanted to Phoenix eight years ago to work for GoDaddy.