Here’s to the freelancers who made us better in 2015

Movers and makers

Freelancing is a way of life that is transforming lives and careers across industries, occupations and geographies. In fact, latest figures show that 54 million Americans are now taking on freelance work. The Freelancers Union’s 2015 report shows that more and more of us (700,000 to be precise) are swapping the traditional working lifestyle for the flexibility of freelance. What’s more, 60 percent of those surveyed have taken the career decision voluntarily, up seven percentage points from 2014.

Freelancers have moved from the margin to the mainstream.


Over the past year, I’ve talked with hundreds of people at WordCamps, entrepreneurial conferences and tech events — all of whom seem to be in agreement that what once was perceived as an alternative career path has now flourished into a burgeoning mainstream community of professionals.

Freelancers unite at WordCamp US

Later this week I’ll join some 2,000 attendees — many of them freelancers — at WordCamp US for three days of education, inspiration and fun. I’ll be representing GoDaddy.

It’s been a big year for GoDaddy’s involvement in the WordPress community, in particular, and the open-source community in general. Freelancers in the community have helped to inform our product decisions (heck, GoDaddy Pro was built by freelancers, for freelancers), fix bugs, and optimize existing products like Managed WordPress. Our freelancer friends have even contributed to an incredible cache of content, sharing their expert tips and tricks with the rest of this growing community via the GoDaddy Garage.

Easily start, confidently grow & successfully run new ventures

Before I started working at GoDaddy, I was a freelance web developer. I used to wish that, for one day, one of my hosting, payment or print suppliers would exist just for me, so that I could simply get things done. I wanted them to think of my needs before anyone else’s. I never imagined that, by virtue of my own experience, I would be a part of a company set on one goal, to help people easily start, confidently grow, and successfully run their own ventures.

Here’s to a great year of learning, growing and creating with our freelancer friends. I can’t wait to see what we come up with together in 2016.

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Mendel Kurland
Hey there, I’m Mendel, an intrapreneurial change-maker, developer, speaker, and teacher. I love the outdoors, so you’ll usually find me hittin’ the trails between tech events and code-slinging. I’ve also usually got my nose in a cup of single origin, Chemex-brewed coffee. As a GoDaddy Evangelist, I spend most of my time hanging out with developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and creative people all around the world to make sure their opinions and suggestions are heard.