How to acquire a domain you don’t own

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Remember that one time that you thought of that perfect domain name for your new venture, and when you went to register it, it was already taken?

Seeing that message can be really discouraging. And it, unfortunately, happens fairly often. The next time you see that message pop up that says “Sorry, this domain is taken,” don’t give up. Instead, here is exactly what you should do.

Step one: Call/email your Premier Services account manager at GoDaddy with the domain you’d like, along with your budget for that domain.

And that’s it. That’s your one step, we’ll take it from there.


I know what you’re thinking. “Why would I call my account manager when I can just use the Domain Buy Service and start the process?”

The answer is, you can do that, but your Premier Services account manager is your partner in domain investing.

We know domain investing — it’s what we do every day for GoDaddy and our clients. We will act on your behalf and work diligently to acquire that domain for you.

And many times, we’re able to waive the $69 Domain Buy Service fee for you.


So, the next time that perfect domain pops into your head and you see that it’s already taken, call your trusted account manager and let us handle it for you.

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Amy John
Amy has been with GoDaddy for almost eight years, with five of those years being on the Premier Services team. She is currently a Platinum account manager for the team and is a mom to four kiddos. On her days off you can usually find her reading, writing, playing sports with the kids, or hiking, and if you happen to see a shortage of Diet Coke, it’s likely because Amy stocked up on her favorite beverage.