Influencer marketing tips from the pros [Infographic]

Betting on bloggers

While influencer marketing might be considered the Wild West, PR representatives have a great handle on how the whole setup works. Unfortunately, the rest of the world is still running around trying to figure out how to find the right bloggers to work with, what types of campaigns do the best, and most importantly, how on earth to go about tracking these campaigns.

We recently enlisted 40 PR experts to weigh in on these questions — and the insight was enlightening.

While many PR agencies are still scouring social media channels to suss out the right bloggers for their campaigns, some are starting to experiment with influencer marketing platforms where they can find the right bloggers AND manage campaigns from start to finish.

These agencies are so in tune with their influencers because they’re immersing themselves into the niche communities where they exist.


Check out the infographic below for expert influencer marketing tips from these 40 top PR pros.

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