Largo Jackson owner finds flexibility and support with Office 365

Tools to achieve work-life balance

When Graham Jackson launched his executive recruitment firm serving an international market, he knew that with a team of consultants spanning the globe operating in a variety of time zones, accessibility, flexibility and round-the-clock IT support would be crucial to the company’s success.

Largo Jackson owner Graham JacksonAnd as the proud father of toddler twin boys, the 42-year-old managing director of London-based Largo Jackson and Partners strongly feels those three elements are important to his personal as well as professional well being.

“I’d say that my biggest success to date has been being able to run a business but also having time to spend with the family,” Graham notes. “I have a good work-life balance and the fact that I can be there to have breakfast with my two boys every day is one of the reasons I started the company.”

He adds that because 70 percent of the firm’s business is in North America, the time difference means that his mornings are free for him to enjoy with his children in their Somerset home before popping the laptop or heading in to the office.

Dedicated entrepreneur, devoted dad

But that perk was still just a dream to Jackson when he initially decided to put his 20 years of experience specializing in recruitment for the infrastructure, energy, public-private partnership, real estate finance, development and asset management industries to work for himself.

When he discovered GoDaddy, Graham realized he could make that dream come true. He could be a dedicated entrepreneur AND a devoted dad.

“Frankly, I initially signed up just in order to register a domain name for my website,” Graham recalls. “Then I subscribed to Office 365 when the business launched because the products and tools would let me set up the company in the style I preferred and run my business exactly the way I wanted.”

Although he admits to being skeptical at first, Graham discovered that Office 365 allowed him the flexibility and accessibility he needed to run a global business. He explains:

“Consultants at Largo Jackson travel around the world, so it’s paramount that we all have access to documents on the move at any time. For example, using Office 365 means that one consultant waiting at the airport in Toronto can view and edit project work on her smartphone and send it to a colleague who’s working from his laptop in London.”

In addition, the ability to access files from one shared drive facilitates the company-wide weekly consultant meeting and ensures that everyone’s literally working from the same page, while the email feature keeps everybody in constant contact.

24/7 customer support

As the owner, Graham says he must be ready to work or respond to his employees at all times, which sometimes requires being online late at night or weekends. So it’s reassuring to know tech support from experts is there, no matter the time zone where the work is being done.

“On the occasion that there’s ever been an issue, GoDaddy was there to solve the problem quickly and efficiently — including weekends or times outside UK office hours,” Graham says, recounting one instance where an issue with his email password was resolved before it could affect his business.

“I feel organized and on top of things,” Graham adds. And that not only helps him accomplish his goal of building and expanding his own fledgling global recruitment company, but it lets him achieve his aim of having more time to watch his boys grow up.

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