.Lawyer up to show your legal prowess online

No objections

Maybe your mom wanted you to be one. Perhaps your dad (vehemently) didn’t. And, chances are, you’re going to need one at some point(s) in your life. A lawyer.

If you’re a precise practitioner in the law — spending your days with deeds and depositions, getting excited about appeals and affidavits, prosecuting or defending the accused — the new .lawyer and .attorney domain extensions offer an exciting opportunity to make your case online. For the countless folks who turn to the Web to find legal counsel, a website address ending in .lawyer or .attorney will testify to your credibility.

Make your case with a .lawyer or .attorney domain name

These new domains offer an incredible opportunity for lawyers, law offices and legal services firms to clearly identify themselves online as part of the legal industry — an industry that’s as crowded and competitive on the Web as it is in the real world. (Case in point: The nearly 49 million results that popped up when I searched “lawyer + new york city.”)

You can stand out in the crowded legal domain namespace with a website name that states your case. If you work to protect intellectual property in Pittsburgh, for instance, a name like www.PittsburghIP.lawyer could make your business instantly recognizable on the Web. Practice estate planning in West Palm Beach? Get a name like www.OrchidCityEstate.attorney to speak directly to people in search of such services.

Closing arguments

The .lawyer and .attorney domain extensions are among the hundreds of new extensions rolling out over the next year. Representing a revolution in website naming, these generic top-level domains (gTLDs) make it easier than ever before to snag a short and memorable website name that truly represents who you are and what you do.

Branding. A website address ending in .lawyer or .attorney cuts straight to the heart of your brand. It spells out what you’re all about right in the browser bar or list of search engine results. There’s no guesswork involved with a website name like www.JohnJonesEsq.attorney. At a glance, viewers understand your place in the legal industry. Plus, it looks fabulous on your business cards.

Availability. While .com is still a great option if the .com of your choice is available, chances are, it’s not. The granddaddy of all domain extensions has been around so long that it’s tough to get a representative .com domain name that’s easy to remember — unless you’re willing to pay for a premium domain. In contrast, gTLDs such as .lawyer are so fresh on the domain market that your ideal name might be just a click away.

Getting found and SEO. Where do most people today turn to find local services? The Internet. And if they’re searching for legal services, a website that ends in .lawyer or .attorney is likely to resonate with them. While Google® currently doesn’t use domain names to determine search results, that could change. The search giant regularly tweaks its ranking factors to improve search effectiveness — so a domain name that includes a search keyword like “lawyer” or “attorney” might rank higher down the road. The jury’s still out on this one.

Any objections? If not, make the judicious choice — .lawyer up!

Andrea Rowland
A former small business owner and newspaper journalist, and a published nonfiction author, Andrea Rowland crafts compelling communications for both internal and external audiences. When she's not noodling through content strategy or writing or editing, she likes to bake, travel, read, and explore the nearby shore for natural treasures.