Mobile websites: I’ll take that to go

And some fries

Without a doubt, we’re increasingly accessing information online and on the go. Whether that means checking our bank account balance while we’re waiting in the coffeehouse drive-thru, or finding the nearest New York-style pizza parlor for dinner as we cheer from the sidelines of the soccer field, we’re depending on our smartphones and tablets to connect us with info online, anywhere, anytime.

Yes, mobile is the future. And it’s here.

For the first time ever, in 2013, smartphones overtook desktop computers as the No. 1 choice for Internet browsing. Recent stats from comScore® list the number of U.S. smartphone users at 156 million — a 24-percent hike in one year.

Those smartphone lovers expect to see your business online — and they don’t want to squint to read your website’s text or zoom in to see the navigation and click on the right link. They expect you to have a mobile website.

What exactly is a mobile website?

A mobile website is more than just a website that you can see on a smartphone. It’s a website that is actually optimized to take advantage of the resolution and features of your phone.

From easy-to-tap navigation, to buttons to quickly call your business and navigate to you via maps, a mobile site makes using a phone to navigate the Web much more user-friendly and intuitive. You can still have all of the info that you have on your regular site. It’s just easier to view when it’s formatted for the smaller screen of a smartphone.

How do you get a mobile site?

It doesn’t take much to optimize your site for mobile platforms. Many site building programs, including GoDaddy’s Website Builder, do this automatically when you build your regular website. Other software allows you to easily convert your existing site to a mobile-friendly site.

These days, you can even build your business’s website on your smartphone. With the GoDaddy GoMobile app — available on all iOS and Android devices — no technical skills are required to get a mobile website up and running. Just plug in your info, upload a few pictures, and your mobile-friendly site is live in minutes.

Mike Hathcote
Mike Hathcote is a small business owner and serial entrepreneur with 16 years of small business experience. His current title is Manager-Customer Care Communications at GoDaddy, where he helps small businesses kick ass. In his free time, he enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding and voiceover acting.