Name your website with a geographic domain

Claim your territory

When potential customers are searching for a dog walker or a masseuse or a wedding photographer, they generally type in two things: a keyword and a location. With the newly available geographic generic top-level domains (gTLDs), you can give your customers just what they’re looking for with a short and easy-to-remember website address.

And that’s not the only reason your business can benefit from a geographic domain name:

Pride of place

Hard working, fast moving New Yorkers are proud to call the Big Apple home. If your business is located in one of the five boroughs and serves residents of America’’s most bustling city, you should consider purchasing a .nyc domain name. As Maria Torres-Springer, Commissioner of the New York City Department of Small Business Services, told Epoch Times:

“A strong online presence is critical for success in today’s digital world, and the .nyc domain allows businesses in New York City to leverage New York City’s world-class identity and let buyers from markets around the globe know that they call New York City home.”

When you brand your website with a .nyc domain name, customers who want (or need) to shop local can rest assured that they’re looking at a New York business on the Web.

In addition to .nyc, a new wave of geographic domain extensions — including .vegas, .london, .quebec and dozens more — enable you to name your business online with a website address that’s connected to a specific place.

Be you, where you are

Until recently, if you wanted a short and memorable domain name that most accurately reflects your business you only had a couple of options: change your business name or buy an unwieldy (i.e. hard to remember, with extra characters like dashes) domain name.

Geographic domain extensions (and gTLDs in general) change all that.

If you buy a .london domain name such as IansHats.London, for example, then your customers instantly know that you’re the famous Savile Row haberdasher — not some imitator who just happened to buy up the domain name first. (We hope no haberdashers named Ian are offended by this example!)

And you don’t have to run a business to benefit from geo domains. Maybe you just want to identify with a certain locale and share information on an easily recognizable website. Planning a bachelor party in Sin City? Set up to keep all the deets updated. Want an online display case for your porcelain cat collection, the one overtaking the spare bedroom in your Quebec home? Consider The possibilities are limitless.

Search engine savvy

A search engine’s whole purpose for existence is to bring you the results you’re looking for. If someone is searching for a pizza shop in New York City, then results that link them to “New York-style pizza in Cleveland, Ohio” just won’t do. A website address that ends in .nyc not only shows customers where your business is located, it might alert search engines to bring up your website in a list of search results when your potential customers search for specific products or services in your geographic location.

Likewise, a descriptive website address like makes it easier for people searching for pizza in Las Vegas to understand just what you’re offering, and where. That means they’ll be more likely to click your website in a list of search results.

For now, Google® doesn’t use a domain name to determine search results … but that can certainly change, as search engines are always looking at ways to retrieve the most relevant results. (You can read more about that here.)

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