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Last month, we put another great domain conference in the history books — well, for everyone except Marty and Doc, who aren’t really bound by history the way we are. But it’s possible they made at stop at NamesCon 2018, because their Delorean was certainly there. (I think they were trying to find out what types of domain names hold value so they could stock up on them in the past!) But there’s lots more to talk about in this NamesCon 2018 recap than Back to the Future.

NamesCon 2018 Recap Delorean

NamesCon 2018 recap

NamesCon is the biggest conference of the year for people interested in domain names — and this year was a great success yet again. Each year for the past five years, people who make money from domain names — or who want to learn how — gather together at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas. This year, we were back to hear the future of domain investing.

There was a lot of talk about blockchain and cryptocurrency and how that digital space has parallels in the domain space.

People were very interested in the crossover between one type of digital asset and the other and what lessons they could potentially leverage to make money in both. There were also a lot of discussions around the type of domains used by new cryptocurrency companies and how to capitalize on this. A great thing about attending the conference is learning about the current trends and seeing what other people are doing in the space to make money or help you with your business.

There were many other sessions lead by industry experts held with the goal of helping people learn the latest tips or tools. Some of the most talked about were building brands with your domains, how to appraise your domains, the new domain extensions, and some of the new tools companies have developed to help domain investors.

One of the most asked about sessions was led by GoDaddy’s own Paul Nicks. He shared what lessons GoDaddy learned from running its own portfolio of domains known as Namefind. He gave many specific details around how GoDaddy makes money from domain names and how you can use the same data and systems to make money on your own portfolio. We have the entire session recorded if you are interested in learning for yourself what was discussed.

See you next year, NamesCon

NamesCon 2018 Recap Fun

While there are plenty of reasons for attending NamesCon, meeting new people and domainers — or connecting with old friends — is a key benefit. From the down time spaced between the sessions, to evening and dinner chats, to planned events by the conference, or even various informal meetings or meetups, the options are plentiful. In fact, we met up with the people of NamePros, taking our normally online interactions to a face-to-face casual setting. There were also a couple of great events organized by the conference for everyone to get together and network.

If you missed this year’s conference, watch for the next conference announcement at and sign up early to get the best deal on next year’s show.

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