How to promote your healthy food delivery service on Facebook

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This post was originally published on March 9, 2017, and was updated on April 24, 2020.

If you’re running a restaurant that offers healthy food or offer healthy ingredients for delivery, you’re probably trying to find the best places to reach your target customers. Have you considered Facebook?

At the time of writing this article we’re in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you haven’t started your own healthy food delivery service, or have done the bare minimum for your business page on Facebook, this is the time to consider stepping up your game.

While your customers are staying at home, and doing what they can to exercise, some likely are seeking healthier food options. If your business can meet that demand, you’re more likely to come out of the pandemic on stronger footing. Facebook can help.

In this article, you’ll learn how you can use Facebook to promote your healthy food delivery service, simple steps to building a Facebook business page, and some tips for your business to really stand out.

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Why use Facebook for your healthy food delivery service?

Facebook has over 2.5 billion users — many of whom look to the platform for new ideas, including food ideas. That’s a lot of people, and that means your business could reach a lot of customers in your local area.

People are actually looking for healthy food delivery service online first. In fact, the search for food delivery service has increased over the past five years. Just look at the Google Trends data:

Google Trends Data Food Delivery

Facebook offers some great tools for your local businesses

Facebook offers a variety of tools that local business owners, including entrepreneurs offering healthy food delivery, can leverage to promote their products and services. Here are some of the things you can showcase on your Facebook business page:

  • How customers can contact you
  • How much your products and services cost
  • When you are open
  • What type of food do you offer
  • Display photos of your food or even your customers enjoying the food you’ve delivered
  • Customer reviews
  • Link to your company website
  • List of payment methods you accept
  • List your full menu

You can post updates to your Facebook page to drive attention to your healthy food delivery service and get customers to order or even engage with you.

Post menus, coupons, videos and pictures on your page to generate interest.


Build a Facebook business page

Ready to make Facebook work for your healthy food delivery service?

If you have a GoDaddy Websites + Marketing site, you can quickly add or connect your website homepage to a new or existing Facebook business page. Here’s how.

Don’t have a GoDaddy website? Follow these step-by-step instructions.

Once your Facebook business page is up and running, you can pay to promote posts aimed at individuals in your area, friends of your current fans and more.

This additional tactic will help ensure your business is getting in front of the right people.


If you live in Florida, New York, Colorado, California, or Texas — good news! Residents of these states show the highest interest in healthy food delivery options.

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How to stand out in a crowded food delivery environment on Facebook

Especially during times when many people are looking online to find food delivery options, you’ll want to take some steps to help ensure that your healthy food delivery service stands out on Facebook. Here are some things to try:

  • Make sure to take vivid pictures of your food.
  • Post to your Facebook page regularly.
  • Answer the comments and engage with followers.
  • Publish different formats for your Facebook posts.
  • Get involved with local-based Facebook groups to let them know you’re open.

Let’s take a closer look at each action item.

Make sure to take vivid pictures of your food

Pictures are everything, especially when it comes to enticing people to buy your food.

Spinach Chicken Pomegranate Salad

Clip LED Halo LightYou don’t have to set up a huge camera and lighting production to photograph your food. For example, for lighting, you can have a small LED circular halo light that clips on your phone. They are very affordable and help spruce up your lightning, without having to buy special photography lights or create photo light boxes.

As for taking pictures, it’s all about the angle and lightning. Sometimes you have to get close to the food, and tilt your smartphone slightly, just to catch the right light.

It’s completely OK to arrange your food nicely, or photograph it from above, or several angles. You can use all of these shots for your social channels or even future marketing efforts.

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Post to your Facebook page regularly

Posting regularly keeps your customers’ attention. If you’re not posting regularly, then how will your customers know if you have any specials or discounts? How will they know more about what food or services that you offer?

In fact, you can even take a little bit of time each week to schedule out posts to publish, in case you don’t have a lot of time to do that every day.

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Answer the comments and engage with followers

If your customers and fans are leaving comments, don’t leave them hanging. Make sure to be present.

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Publish different formats for your Facebook posts

Vary the way you post content, as some people will connect more with images, and some may connect more with video.

Your posts don’t have to be really elaborate. You might post a short video, mention a discount, share an image of delicious food you can deliver, ask a question, share recipes, or even feature a customer.

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Get involved with local based Facebook groups to let them know you’re open

As a business, you can join Facebook groups. Find local communities that allow small businesses to promote their services. These groups already have people from your community that might not know if you exist.

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What’s next?

Now that you know more about Facebook business pages, why you should use them, and how to promote your healthy food delivery service, it’s time to get your pages updated. It’s also time to start building more content and post more regularly to your Facebook page. Good luck!

This article includes content originally published on the GoDaddy blog by Emily Mong.