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Sell your products and services on Facebook with Websites + Marketing

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Michelle Mishra

Remember having your first customer? Whether it was that first haircut, yoga class, or coffee poured, you did something remarkable. Maybe you thanked them and asked them to come again. And afterwards, you thought, It’s happening. I’m making my own way.

Your customers mean more than a sale; they’re what transformed you from a dreamer to an entrepreneur.

Yet in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re likely seeing fewer customers than usual, or perhaps you’ve even had to temporarily close your doors. While following social distancing guidelines is important to keep communities safe, it’s discouraging to be distant from customers. So how can you be where your customers are?

Although it feels like your customers have all but disappeared, you can still reach them online.

More people are staying home, and they’re relying on social media to keep in touch with each other.

Join the conversation by connecting your Websites + Marketing site to your Facebook Business Page. Then share your products and services to Facebook, and as your online presence grows, your business can gain more visibility.

Start selling your products or services on Facebook

Follow these guidelines to connect with customers on Facebook and grow your online sales.

  • Build your Facebook Business Page
  • Feature your products on Facebook
  • Showcase services on Facebook
  • Stay in touch with Facebook Messenger

Let’s get started!

Build your Facebook Business Page

First of all, you need a Facebook Page. If you have one already, fantastic! Take some time to check that your contact info is correct and matches what’s on your online store.

If you don’t have a Page, this guide walks you through how to create one on Facebook.

Websites + Marketing includes a feature to create a new Page using your site's content or connect an existing Page to your site.

To attract more followers or friends, provide an engaging experience. Your content should excite or bring meaning to customers. This could range from photos of your products or services to giveaways or specials.

Try mixing up the types of content you share to keep things interesting, and alternate sales or marketing posts with other more informative or entertaining posts.

Experiment with sharing photos, videos, or getting on camera yourself using Facebook Live. Varied content keeps your customers curious about what you have to say, and helps you not seem pushy about selling.

One major way to engage customers is to post frequently. Post between two and five days per week to stay top-of-mind, and don’t forget to respond to comments so customers feel heard. This is especially important for any negative comments. Responding to customers’ concerns offers vital feedback and potentially improves perception, which then helps your business grow to better meet their needs.

In these uncertain times, the content on your Facebook Page can do more than just promote your brand.

Create a community of support for customers by understanding that they might be struggling right now. Share new ways customers can use previously purchased products or services, or post about ways your business is helping others in need.

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Feature your products on Facebook

Your Facebook Page is a great way to increase visibility of the products available on your online store. Here’s a video that shows how it’s done:

Your product’s photo on your online store will be shared to Facebook, so use photos that effectively display your product.

Be sure you can clearly see the product with good lighting, and consider if modeling or staging will make it more attractive. For example, feature your homemade donuts next to a mug of coffee to inspire your customers’ next breakfast, or show your custom necklaces on a stylish model so customers envision how they can accessorize.

When creating content for the post, concisely describe the product, why your customers need it, and mention if it’s part of a promotion.

Think of your post’s content as a snapshot of your product's description.

Interest in your product on Facebook can then lead to new visitors for your online store.

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Showcase services on Facebook

Your business might adapt to COVID-19 restrictions by offering online services, such as virtual events or classes.

Make it easy for customers to schedule services with a button from Facebook to your site.

When featuring online services, you’ll also want to:

Online services are an excellent opportunity to expand your business even when social distancing restrictions are over, letting you connect in new ways, like if customers can’t physically be present.

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Stay in touch with Facebook Messenger

Now that you have a Facebook Page featuring your awesome products and services, bring your business to the next level by communicating with customers.

Use Facebook Messenger to provide customer support, reconnect with customers, and promote upcoming deals.

Enable messaging on your Facebook Page so customers can contact you about any questions, and aim to respond in a timely manner. There’s quite a bit of uncertainty right now with business hours changing and longer shipping times, so being available on Facebook is another way to show that you’re here for your customers.

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Move forward

Solving customer problems is at the heart of every entrepreneur. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, many small businesses are now isolated from their customers.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

People are increasingly online and using social media sites, and you can use your Facebook Business Page to stay involved. Then as your Page grows, track your progress with Facebook Page Insights.

It might feel like you’re up against the world right now, but through your Facebook Page, the connections you’re missing can be at your fingertips.

You can do this!

If you need a helping hand, we’re here for you.

Above all, have faith in yourself. We have faith in you.

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