Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past who knows how long, you know that Google is a powerhouse of a search engine. With that power comes some pretty persuasive capabilities in terms of connecting socially on the Internet.

Google+ is a social network that’s attached to the most visited website around, and that definitely has its advantages.


Think about it. If, say, one of your customers was to Google your awesome business, how nice would it be to find the info you provided in your Google+ account shows up for them automatically? Let’s learn how to use Google Plus starting with the basics.

To start using Google+

How to use Google Plus

  1. Create your own personal profile. You have to use your name for your profile, not your business’s name. By creating a personal profile, this also means you are creating a Gmail account.
  2. Create your business page. You’ll have to decide what category you want your company to be in, add your company’s info, and get started with your account, but it will be well worth it.
  3. Start sharing. Whether you’re about to post a picture or share something internally with your employees, Google+ has you socially connected.

To raise awareness about your business and connect with customers and prospects, it would definitely benefit you to post somewhat frequently on your Google+ account. For example, you could post about the awesome new thingymabob that your company’s really excited about, a notable new hire, or an expansion into a new market.

 The more you update, the more frequently your Google+ account will show up in search results.


It’s probably in your best interest to join communities (known as “circles”) that have similar interests with your business. To learn more about how to do that, go here.

Make sure you take full advantage of Google+ by taking a look at their business page. And if you’re in need of a business website, GoDaddy GoCentral lets you link your website to your tribe directly on your Facebook page and other social media, with just a few clicks.

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