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There is always a reason to make a dining reservation: an anniversary, birthday or promotion. But, if a customer can’t easily make a reservation on your website, they might go to your competitor for sake of ease. So, what can you do? Update your website with GoDaddy GoCentral’s OpenTable online reservations integration. You’ll be able to get more customers and optimize your table availability.

Why OpenTable?

OpenTable is trusted by more than 26 million diners a month. By listing your restaurant with OpenTable, you can promote your business to customers who are actively planning a dinner reservation and may be located near your business.

Online reservations help you manage restaurant turnover so that you can optimize seating capacity during busy meal times.

You’ll be better able to manage your inventory and ensure sufficient staffing by having predictability for when guests will arrive. Plus, your guests will have a better dining experience by knowing that their table will be ready when they arrive.

No one wants to wait to wait in line on date night!

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Who’s it for?

The OpenTable integration can be added to any GoDaddy GoCentral website. It’s perfect for restaurants or other businesses that accept reservations.

OpenTable integration is supported in the United States and multiple other markets, including Great Britain, Mexico, Australia and Japan.

What problem does GoCentral + OpenTable solve?

Never miss customer inquiries for a reservation.

OpenTable enables your diners to book with you 24/7 from their mobile device or computer.


You will also get promoted on OpenTable and their partner sites so that your business has more online exposure.

How do I add OpenTable in GoCentral?

GoCentral makes it easy to start taking online reservations in three easy steps.

1. Decide where the reservations should be shown on your website

We recommend adding it directly to your home page or creating a separate Reservations page. This will make it easy for your diners to book online reservations in as few clicks as possible.

2. Add the Open Table Reservations ‘section’ to your website

Click the blue plus sign to “Add Section” on the page you want your reservations to appear.

GoCentral OpenTable Set up in GoCentral for a restaurant webpage

In the right panel, scroll until you find “Reservations” and add the OpenTable option. You can also find it using the Search bar.

GoCentral OpenTable Adding a reservation module in GoCentral

Now simply add your OpenTable Restaurant ID to your site, and the reservation widget will appear for your diners to enter their booking. If you do not have an OpenTable account yet, click on the link to create one.

It’s free on GoCentral to add OpenTable reservations, and OpenTable has affordable pricing for use of their system.

GoCentral OpenTable How to add an OpenTable restaurant ID in GoCentral
View before adding your OpenTable ID in GoCentral.
GoCentral OpenTable Reserve a table with OpenTable on restaurant homepage
Home page view after adding OpenTable ID in GoCentral


GoCentral OpenTable Reserve a table on restaurant reservations page
The OpenTable integration can be added to a separate “Reservations” page in GoCentral.

3. Get notified when diners make reservations with you

You can turn on emails and push notifications so that you find out immediately when you have reservations, VIPs or cancellations. You can also access your guest list from your smartphone (Android or iOS).

OpenTable also enables you to automatically send email confirmations to your guests when they finish booking.

Get started with GoCentral + OpenTable

It’s quick and easy to start taking reservations from your GoCentral website. OpenTable offers an affordable plan that does not require a long-term commitment. If you decide to cancel, it’s a snap to remove OpenTable from your site.

Christine Lee
Christine Lee is the director of product in the presence & commerce group at GoDaddy, where she leads customer site experience for the GoCentral product. She is also a co-founder and board member of Women in Product, a non-profit organization serving more than 10,000 members globally. Previously, she worked on a variety of consumer and enterprise products at Twitter, Intuit, Oracle and a start-up called Hired. She grew up working in her parents’ small restaurant in Texas, went to school on the east coast, and now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.