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I’m a normal girl. I eat, sleep, go to work, and occasionally, I’m lazy. When I’m not tuning in to TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress and obsessing about the exact right shade of blue to perfectly accent the vintage dress that I don’t even have yet, I like to visit the gym. Nothing is better than that post-workout high — you know the one I’m referring to, where your heart rate is so escalated that your fingers tingle, your breathing is heaving, and the redness in your cheeks is not from rouge but the sheer determination to push yourself to the limit. It is that sense of accomplishment that makes a workout breathless.

Plus, if I ever expect to fit into that sample size dress by Pnina Tornai, I need to make my fitness my priority.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been an athletic individual. I was a competitive swimmer before I could even walk (or so my mom tells me) and when I wanted a change of pace, I started rock climbing. And then competitive ballroom dancing. Oh, and somewhere in there I did a stint of softball and soccer. All in all, I enjoy fitness and activity like so many others.

For those of us whose lives revolve around fitness, whether it’s a business or just a hobby, it might be time to share your joy with a .fitness domain name.

Custom domain for fitness buffs

When I was swimming, my mother took countless pictures of me cruising through the water. Granted, most of them were blurry and more focused on the splashes of water rather than the stroke, but they were memories nonetheless. What better way to share those images with fellow athletes than a site focused on my sport, say

Nothing is better than a truly custom domain name that says everything about you and your site without filling your domain name with hyphens just to make it custom. You wouldn’t want irregularities in your workout, so why add them to your domain name?

A domain for a lifestyle

Anyone who visits the gym on the regular knows that being fit is a lifestyle — one that anyone can benefit from. It’s more than a routine. It’s more than reps and barbells and treadmills. You can take respite in a good workout, so why not share that with the world?

Even though you are focused on your fitness, keep in mind that search engines like Google® won’t necessarily focus more attention on .fitness domain names over other domain extensions (more on that here). Keep your eyes on the prize by focusing on strong website content — like the amount of raw eggs needed in that protein shake — to bring more interested people into your fit world.

.fitness isn’t just a domain name — it’s a way of life. Showcase your toned abs or your nutritional information and so much more to help others see what they can do with a little fitness in their life. Post information about the hottest new trends (like CrossFit). Share a competition schedule for all those bodybuilders out there. Or help girls like me with some great cardio routines that will make dropping dress sizes that much easier.

Don’t be afraid to break a sweat with a .fitness domain — accomplish something big and put down the weights, just for a moment, to share your passion with the world.

Click here to learn more about registering a .fitness domain extension.