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If you’ve ever wondered how to sell your domain name, you’re not alone. I’m frequently asked for tips and tricks when it comes to getting the most out of your domains. Whether you have one domain name for sale or are a serious investor with thousands of domains on the market, it makes sense to leverage the best practices others are using in order to maximize your sales potential. But it’s important not to put the cart before the horse.

In order to profit, you’ll have to choose domain names that have the potential to be re-sold for a higher value.

Not all domain names are created equal, and finding good sales is a result of smart purchases. It’s possible to find valuable domains in the aftermarket, it just takes some due diligence. If you want to know more, check out this article. Also, learning how to value domain names, is important, too. Do some research into what types of domain names typically sell and what ones would make smarter investment options.

In my opinion, it’s best to stick with areas you know so you can easily spot the value a domain might make to the right person or company in your niche.

Selling a domain isn’t exactly straightforward

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After you’ve done your research and acquired some domains, you’ll need to know how to sell your domain name. But it might not be as straightforward as you think.

The current domain market is disparate and inefficient for domain sales as a whole.


An inefficient market has less liquidity and more volatility than a more established market, such as the stock market. For instance, if I know a domain is going to expire at a certain auction house before it’s sent to backorder, I have a big advantage over someone who might just be waiting for the domain to be released back to the general public.

While this might be to your benefit in spotting bargains to invest in, certain limitations — i.e., knowing where expired domains go prior to being reintroduced to the public, knowledge of when a new top-level domain extension will drop, etc. — in the market don’t always make it easy to maximize your potential return. With stocks, we know the price. We can buy the same share anywhere and easily sell the commodity on a market of our choosing. In the domains market, much of the information (and the ability to buy a domain) is fragmented and harder to navigate.

Fortunately, Afternic provides a better solution by seeking to bridge the market gap.


Their goal is to correct these inefficiencies by creating a domains market with the best possible chance of visibility from interested buyers. For reference, imagine the MLS system used in real estate listings. If you’ve ever bought or sold a house, you’re probably familiar with the process. Your agent lists your property for sale on one place, and then it populates in sales listings across the country on various different websites and listing platforms. Afternic is a lot like that.

With Afternic, you can list your domain name on their sales platform and have it sent out to more than 100 different partners around the world.

These include other major registrars (the companies who sell domain names to the public), such as GoDaddy, Network Solutions,, Enom, HiChina and Directi. Which means, anyone searching for a domain at these sites will have the ability to see your listing.

Listing with Afternic should be a No. 1 priority, as this level of visibility will get your offerings in front of more interested buyers. It’s easy and free to set up an account, and you only pay once your domain name sells.

How to sell your domain name on Afternic

  1. Visit and click on Sell Domains.

  2. Create an account.

  3. Enter the domains you want to sell.

  4. List a price and submit for processing.

  5. Approve via email.

1. Visit and click Sell Domains

Simple enough. Go to and click Sell Domains in the upper right-hand corner.

How To Sell Your Domain Name Afternic First Step

2. Create an account

Enter the required information and set up an account to gain access to Afternic’s services.

How To Sell Your Domain Name Step Two3. Enter the domains you want to sell

Enter up to 50 domain names that you’d like to sell. You can enter them manually or upload a completed spreadsheet. Then, click Continue.

How To Sell Your Domain Name Step Three

4. List a price

You’ll have the option to set a Buy Now price, as well as establish a Floor and Minimum price. Once you’ve determined your pricing, click Submit Domains.

How To Sell Your Domain Name Step Four

5. Approve via email

If you set a Buy Now price, keep an eye on your email. You’ll get a message with a prompt to click for approval, allowing you to opt-in to fast transfer, which allows your domains to be listed on more than 100 different domain marketplaces.

Buy Now to increase sales potential

You have the best chance of selling your listed domains if you set a Buy Now price. Why? We can break it down into two main reasons:

  1. Distribution. By setting a designated price, you’re opening yourself up to a much larger group of companies who will display your domain for sale. If you elect to skip the Buy Now option, you’ll only be listed on a handful of sites, rather than the 100 or so companies you’ll have access to with a Buy Now listing.
  2. Impulse buyers. With a set price attached to your domain, someone can purchase it the same moment they see it — without any negotiation. This often leads to more sales for you.

One last tip for success

My final tip is to create a page showing your domain name is for sale on Afternic. For example, if you own and you’re trying to sell it, it might be in your best interest to set your domain’s nameservers to use Afternic’s DNS settings. When this happens, a “For Sale” banner will appear when someone visits in their browser.

By displaying this banner and inviting visitors to buy the domain or speak to one of Afternic’s representatives about acquiring it, you’re further boosting your sales potential.

Setting up domain parking with Afternic is easy to do. Plus, they offer free support via phone or email and are happy to help set up domains for sale. If you already have a site attached to your domain, no problem. You can include an Afternic banner by either parking or placing the banner text at your current parking provider (this is usually as easy as clicking a checkbox in your settings).

In conclusion

So if you’re wondering how to sell your domain name, the answer is simple: post it on Afternic. By following these simple steps, you can get your domains exposed to the maximum number of potential buyers and leverage the network and sales teams they have to help get your domains sold. If you have any questions, you can email for help with listing your domains, or for a more in-depth look at the best practices of listing domains with Afternic, you can check out this video.

Joe Styler
Joe Styler serves as product manager for the aftermarket at GoDaddy. He’s responsible for marketplace products including any purchase, sale, or monetization of a domain name. During his nine-year tenure at GoDaddy Joe has served in a variety of directorial and supervisory roles. His passion is seeing his customers become successful in their business goals when using the aftermarket. He has been interested helping people with transactions on the Internet for more than 20 years. Joe received his B.A. from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, and his Masters in Divinity from Gordon Conwell in Massachusetts.