What’s your brand personality? Take our quiz to find out!

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One of my favorite things to do while scrolling through my Facebook feed is take the occasional personality quiz. What Marvel character am I? Apparently, I’m Star Lord, though I’d make a strong case for Deadpool. Disney princess? I’m the “fierce AF” (their words, not mine) Mulan. It’s fun to learn more about yourself through the interactive nature of an engaging quiz, so why not do the same when trying to determine your brand personality?

Determining your brand personality is a key step in establishing your business and creating relationships with customers.

A good brand personality is relatable, accessible and aligns with your goals. Depending on what you want your business to achieve, your personality will differ. Whether you’re looking to be serious or humorous, a disruptor or a healer, your primary focus should be to engage with your target customer segment — and a strong brand personality will help you create those connections.

If you’re looking to define your brand personality, we’ve got just the quiz for you! Answer these 10 questions to reveal your brand personality, and then keep reading to see what you can do to reach your target audience. Just remember — this is your brand’s personality, not yours. While there might be some crossover, be sure to keep in mind the type of business and brand you’d like to establish.

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What’s your brand personality?

Ten questions later, and you’ve got it all figured out — right? Maybe. Now that you’ve got your answer, let’s take a look at what each one of these possible results means and how you can apply your personality to your branding and marketing efforts.

Pro tip: It’s important to remember that your results don’t dictate your industry. For example, you don’t have to work in the health and wellness field just because your answers resulted in the Healer brand personality. Likewise, your brand personality might be Entertainer even if you offer professional services (think about how Allstate personifies Mayhem to bring a bit of humor to a serious situation).

Your brand personality can be applied to whatever industry you’re a part of, though some results align better with certain fields.

Result: Teacher

Brand Personality Teacher

You place a high value on facts and education, and you seek to inform others with a brand message that is knowledgeable and objective. You want your customers to feel in-the-know when they work with your company, and your authoritative brand and position as a thought leader will do just that.

Possible careers or business ideas: A Teacher personality would mesh best in a field where your job lies in educating others and/or where facts and information dominate the scope of your work. Some of the more obvious roles include teachers and advisors, but perhaps you’re starting a nonprofit for environmental activists. Educating the masses about your purpose and the reasons behind your cause (which would likely include statistics and hard-hitting facts) is more likely to be well-received when delivered from a Teacher brand.

Messaging tactics: Stick to the facts. Your customers value your knowledge, and they want to trust the information they’re receiving is factual. Be open and honest with your methods for sourcing your info, and use straightforward language that appeals to your customers.

As a Teacher, your primary focus will be on spreading information, which means blogging is your biggest ally. In addition to content-rich posts, you can also incorporate gated assets, such as eBooks, guides and other downloadables, to market your know-how.

It’s OK to infuse casual conversation into your messaging. Think about how you digest new information — was it from reading dry pamphlets and pages-long dissertations? Maybe, but not everyone has the same learning style. Still keep the facts up front and center, but don’t fall prey to using only one form of content sharing. If you’ve got the time and resources, you might want to consider starting a podcast to add another communication medium to your arsenal. (How-to videos on YouTube are a great option, too!)

Example brands: Google, The New York Times, Lynda.com, The Cardboard Boat Book, Oclef

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Result: Healer

Brand Personality Healer
Photo: Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

You business focuses on fixing what’s broken, using a brand message that showcases your healing powers. You care about your customers — to the point where they view you as a trusted, reliable source for alleviating pain points. Your mission might be to help others transform themselves in a way that enriches both mind and body.

Possible careers or business ideas: Healer personalities work great for brands where the focus is on improving the overall well-being of its customer base, or on fixing something that has frequently been viewed as “broken.” Obvious professions include positions in the health and wellness field — including traditional and alternative medicine, pharmaceuticals, nutrition, fitness, and spas and salons — but could also apply to nonprofits or even retail-based businesses.

Take Dove soap, for example. Dove is not recognized as a medical brand, but their product is used for personal care, and their healing message to view “beauty as a source of confidence, and not anxiety” resonates with the brand’s target consumers.

Messaging tactics: Use considerate and compassionate language that demonstrates how much you care about your customers, not just your products or business. Your thoughtful approach to their problems will inspire trust and create a loyal base of customers.

Like the Teacher brand, you too can lean on blog posts to spread your trusted messaging. Write blog posts about health trends, medical advancements, healthy lifestyles and more to show you care. Are you a fitness guru? Consider using Instagram. Try overlaying inspirational quotes on motivational images to show your following you care. Into the nutrition scene? Create videos for on-the-go meal alternatives on YouTube. If you’re a yoga instructor, publish stretching videos your followers can do while at work to reduce stress.

Just remember to practice what you preach. Self-care is important, so lead by example. Share any tips you might use on social media to further inspire trust from your customers.

Example brands: Dove, WebMD, Care.com, Personalized Dentistry, Women’s Empowerment Ride

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Result: Maker

Brand Personality Maker

You value creativity, and have a vision for crafting new and exciting things. Your brand is inspirational to your customers. It is highly visual, and the innovative products and services you bring to market encourage self-expression, uniqueness and creativity.

Possible careers or business ideas: To all you DIYers out there, we salute you. Makers are commonly found in creative fields, such as artists, craftspeople, designers (both on the web and in the home), musicians, writers and more. Again, the Maker mentality can be applied to any business seeking to appeal to the creativity of its consumers (like Lego or Crayola), or for businesses looking to invent something new and unique. The focus of this brand personality is innovation and creativity.

Messaging tactics: You’re unique and you know it, so don’t be afraid to show it. Between your innovative and exciting language and lots of visual aids to showcase your products, you’ll stand out to your customers right away — and that’s a good thing. Encourage your customers to take creativity into their own hands with inspirational messaging that stokes their imagination.

Share your creative process through visual mediums like Instagram or Pinterest. Just remember — while you’re familiar with starting from scratch, some of your followers might need a little direction. Add a step-by-step guide to your latest board, and your customers will thank you.

Example brands: Michael’s, Lego, Home Depot, Craft City, True Compass Designs

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Result: Disruptor

Brand Personality Disruptor
Photo: Jonas Verstuyft on Unsplash

You have revolutionary ideas and a brand that isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo. With a raw voice that is both powerful and engaging, you rely on brave tactics to illustrate what isn’t working — and how you can change it. Customers buy into your passion and ability to stand out from the crowd.

Possible careers or business ideas: When it comes to Disruptors, the sky is the limit. Your company can be a Disruptor in any industry, though commonly found examples tend to crop up in the tech sphere (think, Apple). If you’re an entrepreneur or a small business owner with a breakout idea that could radically alter the landscape of your niche, then you’re a Disruptor — hands down.

Take AirBnB, for example. In a market where hotels and resorts dominated the accommodations game, they came up with an easy — and affordable — way to offer a different travel experience. Their prices, booking system and innovative house-sharing concept shocked the travel world, and AirBnB has become a go-to for vacationers everywhere.

Messaging tactics: There’s a problem that needs fixing and you have a solution. Use brave and passionate messaging to empower your customers to challenge the status quo and seek new answers. Be candid with your customers and speak up about what makes your product or service stand apart in your market.

Start a podcast, create strong website content to promote awareness, and consider guest blogging. The more avenues for spreading the word about your brand, the better.

Example brands: Tesla, Lyft, Apple, SHIFT10, Skirting the Rules

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Result: Professional

Brand Personality Professional

Your brand personality is strong, straightforward and articulate. Because you are responsible and take leadership seriously, your customers will appreciate the level of order and direction you provide in your messaging. They trust your judgement and believe you can make them more successful.

Possible careers or business ideas: Much like the Disruptor, the Professional can apply to a variety of businesses in an array of industries; however, you’ll frequently find financial and legal firms occupying this role, as well as insurance companies and politicians.

Marketing tactics: To establish yourself as an expert in your field, you’ll want to use strong, authoritative language and provide direction without coming across as demanding. As a leader, part of your success stems from your ability to provide straightforward messaging that errs on the side of serious, ensuring your customers that you are an authority in your industry.

Give your brand a platform in which to showcase your expertise. Promote reliable content on your blog, and again, take a page out of the Disruptor’s book — consider guest blogging to establish yourself as a thought leader. Share your knowledge via email marketing. And, if you have the opportunity, participate in keynotes or speaking events. Customers will appreciate your authority and the professionalism in which you conduct your business.

Example brands: Legal Zoom, JPMorgan Chase, eTrade, Frank Medina Insurance, Insercorp

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Result: Entertainer

Brand Personality Entertainer
Photo: Errico Boccia on Unsplash

You bring humor and joy to your brand with playful messaging. Your passion and enthusiasm for what you do makes it easy for customers to love your brand. With your ability to turn boring into exciting, your business tells customers that it’s OK to enjoy the journey and find amusement in life.

Possible careers or business ideas: Careers and business ideas vary, as Entertainers can be present in any field. Comedians and actors leverage their personal brand as Entertainers, easily connecting with their audience and engaging with fans. But like the above mentioned Allstate and their personified Mayhem, humor is not limited to those in the entertainment industry. The key is to know who your audience is and to determine whether or not humor would be an appropriate tone for your subject matter (i.e., if you work as a divorce attorney, you might be better suited as a Professional than an Entertainer).

Marketing tactics: Playful, humorous language is your friend. Your customers will appreciate your ability to infuse fun into any situation, and the best thing you can do is interact with them on social media. Consider using visual marketing tactics like amusing videos or Snapchat to offer sneak peeks into your business, giving you the opportunity to demonstrate the fun environment you maintain at work. You’ve also got a great opportunity to have fun with your domain name, offering a glimpse into your brand personality right off the bat with your website’s URL.

While customers appreciate your playful mentality, don’t forget that you don’t have to be a jokester all the time (like when it comes to your terms of service page). You can still take a light approach to your language, even when discussing more serious matters, but don’t go overboard.

Example brands: YouTube, Skittles, Red Bull, Broken Record Vinyl Collection, BeanBagglz

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Closing thoughts

With your new brand personality in hand, it’s time to put some messaging to the test. Remember, you’re not limited to your results. In fact, it’s possible that your business idea might straddle two outcomes — just because you were deemed a Teacher doesn’t mean you can’t apply Professional tactics to your marketing campaigns. It might be in your best interest to test out a few messaging styles and see which one gets the best results, or play with a combination of both.

Once you’ve decided on a brand personality and ensured it aligns with your business and customers, think about how you’ll visually bring your idea to market. You’ll want to have a strong logo that encompasses everything you’ve just discovered about your personality. And when you’re ready, you can either revamp your existing site or start one from scratch to align your new design and messaging in a way that entices your customers.

Image by: chuks sama on Unsplash