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Manage DNS for Your Domain Names

You can change which service your domain name uses for its website and email by managing its DNS (Domain Name System) settings. You don't need to know many of the details to use this article, but you can find more information in What is DNS?

Using our DNS Manager, you can change your domain name's DNS settings (stored in something called a zone file). You can use our DNS Manager if:

  • Your domain name is registered through us and uses our nameservers (more info)
  • Your domain name is registered somewhere else and you set up Off-Site DNS (more info)

If your domain name doesn't fall into either of these categories, you can contact the company that controls your domain's nameservers to control its DNS/zone file settings.

Premium DNS Users: Instead of these instructions, see Managing Premium DNS for Your Domain Names.

Accessing the DNS Zone File

How you access your domain's DNS Zone File depends on a few things:

SituationUse these instructions
Registered with GoDaddy and using our nameserversSee the directions in the 2nd table below for each corresponding Zone File you would like to add or edit
Hosted by but not registered with GoDaddyManage DNS for your hosting account
Using Off-Site DNSManaging Domain Names with Off-site DNS
Premium DNSManaging Premium DNS for Your Domain Names

Click on the corresponding link for the type of Zone File you would like to add or edit:

Type of Record Add or Edit
A RecordAdd an A record; Edit an A record
CNAME Record Add a CNAME record; Edit a CNAME record
MX Record Add an MX record; Edit an MX record
TXT Record Add a TXT record; Edit a TXT record
SPF Record Add an SPF record; Edit an SPF record
SRV Record Add an SRV record; Edit an SRV record
AAAA Record Add an AAAA record; Edit an AAAA record
NS Record Add an NS record; Edit an NS record

Any DNS changes you make can take up to 48 hours to reflect on the Internet.

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