Finding an identity with Dynamik Endeavors

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Art Martori

For Dynamik Endeavors founder Dominique Hart, seeing her potential came at a time when she was working for free. Dominique had eagerly thrown herself into an unpaid advertising internship and some volunteering, putting in max effort but not seeing much beyond the day-to-day.

Then someone shared the result of all her hard work.

“And I was like, wait a second, I helped you make that much money?!” Dominique remembered marveling. “It was then that my entrepreneurial wheels started to kick up again. In that time I said, you know what? I'm going to be serious about this.”

That’s how it started.

Launching her own agency with Dynamik Endeavors

Today, Dominique owns and operates Dynamik Endeavors, a boutique design agency with a distinctly client-centric approach. They offer a range of services to help clients craft an identity, including visual branding and website design, strategy and consulting, and site maintenance.

Their process begins with a deep dive into the client’s goals.

“I make sure that our strategists know how to really read what a client is truly saying,” Dominique explains. “And that they're able to provide the solution necessary to that business, according to our methodology and our framework here at Dynamic Endeavors.”

That methodology is designed to deliver an exact fit, with no room for compromise.

“When you are creating, it is a two-hand job. It is nothing that you can easily multitask,” Dominique says. “That design has to be precise. It has to be right, it has to be exactly according to what the client's desires are.”

When a project requires two hands and you have several going on at once, it’s time to look for help.

Teaming up with GoDaddy Pro

By the time Dominique began looking for a client-management solution for Dynamik Endeavors, she was already familiar with GoDaddy. She’d been using WordPress Hosting and had long been a fan of the support provided by GoDaddy Guides.

”Where I couldn't meet the expectation of explaining something in detail, GoDaddy was always there as a great support,” Dominique says. “That was a great partnership that was already naturally there. He answered their questions in detail, and it made all the difference for me. And so naturally, GoDaddy Pro, here they are.”

Dominique found GoDaddy Pro made it much easier to manage clients’ websites. She’s able to more easily handle mundane tasks, like running updates or security patches.

”Our key panel area made it really easy for us to just get up and start getting going,” Dominique explains. “And also, because of our WordPress platform, that made it really flexible for our design choices. It made building our website a whole lot easier from an agency standpoint.”

GoDaddy Pro features an intuitive dashboard that lets you sign in once, and then manage clients’ sites and products from one place. Users report saving an average of three hours each month, thanks to GoDaddy Pro’s maintenance tools. It’s all backed by GoDaddy’s world-class support, with friendly and knowledgeable guides available 24/7.

For Dominique, that kind of support is a big win.

”You get some really amazing people who are willing to stick it through with you.”

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