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Shereitta Myrick is the driving force behind Assured Purpose Digital Creative Agency LLC, a North Carolina-based operation that offers an array of services to empower clients' success. Catch up with Shereitta on Instagram and Facebook.

The who:

Given a business name is so central to a brand, we tend to put a lot of importance on it. How did you arrive at a name, and how do you feel about it now that you’ve been in business a while? 

My creative side as well as my mentor kept reminding me to not only make it meaningful but to name my business something that would be versatile at the same time.

The world, the internet changes so much and you want to be able to adjust and add on to your business as needed.

So I would say don’t pick a name for your business that boxes you into one thing. You want to be able to evolve with your business and feel applicable to the future.

With some brands, location is a key component. Is there anything about the place you live and work that’s shaped your own brand? 

Shereitta Myrick Posing

I think what shaped my brand is versatility and word of mouth. The power of networking and word of mouth definitely. 

How would you describe your professional experience and background? 

I'm a professional certified transformation, NLP, business-empowerment life coach, virtual assistant, web designer and content creator serving clients across the nation.

Over the past 10 years, I have helped entrepreneurs sharpen their mindset, set up and launch functional and thriving businesses, learn new skills, helping them in making their businesses stress free, 24 hours a day.

I share a passion for helping others. My ramp-up process is designed to empower you and your business while outfitting you with the tools you need to succeed.

Could you describe the scope of your operation? 

I specialize in helping entrepreneurs with transformation, web design, administrative, marketing, operations, support — basically all business needs. It is my mission to solve their problems, leaving them some peace of mind. I’m a full-service coach and virtual assistant, offering top quality services. My skills drive productivity, no matter what industry.

With a knack for reading people based on first impressions, I'm an expert when it comes to understanding my clients’ unique needs.

Quick, efficient and extremely intelligent. Extremely efficient and flexible are just two ways to describe me. I do not believe in red tape, and so far I've been able to succeed with every client I've worked with. With my attention to detail and an uncanny ability to quickly become part of any team I work with, I'm often hired to work with the most demanding clients

Some entrepreneurs describe an aha! moment, the instant they decided it was time to take things into their own hands. Could you describe any of those moments you’ve had? 

When I decided to start my business. I searched and wasted thousands of dollars on webinars, trainings, workshops, to get the so-called blueprint to so many things, only to be stuck with half steps and misinformation. Aha! Shereitta, I thought, Why don’t you sit down take and learn how to do these things on your own?

I built my first website using GoDaddy and it took off from there. I wanted to know more. I wanted to learn more.

The what:

What kind of projects do you prefer to work on? 

I prefer to work on new designs and re-designs, to always showcase responsive designs.

Could you describe your typical client (if you have a typical client)? 

My typical clients are entrepreneurs and business owners, new and existing. I get a lot of nonprofits, as well, looking for website design and maintenance

Sometimes we’re in a position where it’s necessary to turn down projects. What do those situations look like for you, and how do you manage them? 

It's funny you asked this… when we first start out, no one ever thinks there will come a day you would turn down a project, right? For me, during our initial consultation, based on the first email interaction or phone call, I can tell this client is going to be a complete nightmare.

The indicators could come in the form of ridiculous timelines, aggressive tone, or a byzantine rationale for how they want things done that don’t align with my workflow. This is a red flag and I immediately decline the project in a professional manner.

Could you describe a project that you feel exemplifies you at your best?

I recently designed a boutique owner’s website. The navigation, layout and responsiveness increased her mobile-user's time-on-site by 15% over a two-month period. I also just finished an update for an entrepreneur to help increase his SEO and visitor retention. He is now on the first page of search results for similar businesses.

Shereitta Myrick Services

The how:

An obvious metric for measuring our own success is how much you got paid versus how much time it took. In your experience, what are the advantages and drawbacks here? 

In my experience I would say the advantages would be just the experience within itself. Disadvantages for me I would say is when time is wasted when a customer defaults payment.

Are there any resources (e.g. apps, processes) that you’d recommend to an up-and-comer? 

The tools I use most often are Adobe, Canva, Sketch, and platforms like Godaddy and WordPress. I love learning,

Imagine you could travel back in a time machine to a point where you were like, Forget this. I’m done! What advice would you give yourself? 

OMG! I’ve had many of these moments. My advice is to stay the process. When you have those moments, feel them for what they are, readjust and keep going.

Don’t you dare give up.

What’s your parting shot for people who want to be like you when they grow up? 

With dedication to yourself your craft comes growth, and with growth comes clarity. You can learn and build most about anything for business and. Always make SMART decisions and take effective actions. Building your dreams starts with the first step and that’s believing that you can.

Do you have any feedback or comments to share about GoDaddy Pro? 

Business before GoDaddy Pro! Managing so many different tasks, clients, websites, meeting the turn around promised was impossible and definitely not profitable. GoDaddy Pro elevated my business on so many levels I would definitely recommend to anyone starting as a freelance designer or starting their own agency.

It changed the game for my business.

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