GoDaddy Managed WooCommerce Stores: Grow your business. Sell exactly the way you want.  

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Art Martori

Today, multichannel selling can help you reach vast numbers of new customers. However, managing those customers across multiple sales channels — like your online store, in-person, on social platforms and online marketplaces — can quickly become challenging without an integrated ecommerce solution that helps bring everything together seamlessly.

It’s why we are launching our Managed WooCommerce Stores plans.

Each managed WooCommerce hosting plan is for established businesses that seek to rapidly grow by selling across multiple channels. It eliminates the need to maintain a variety of complex ecommerce applications or cycle through add-on features for desired functionality.

It’s powered by ecommerce software that combines WordPress flexibility with an intuitive user experience on a highly performant, fully managed platform. With multiple plan tiers and hundreds of additional features included and ready for activation, Managed WooCommerce Stores is built to scale with growing businesses.

What is GoDaddy Managed WooCommerce Stores?

Managed WooCommerce Stores is a new ecommerce platform that combines today’s best in performance, functionality and scalability. Harnessing the raw power of Pagely’s Enterprise Managed WordPress platform, it offers high-performance WooCommerce hosting on AWS-backed infrastructure.

It’s backed by our content delivery network (CDN) ensuring a quick, seamless experience for shoppers.

But what sets it apart is a range of features that let a business continue thriving.

Sync across marketplaces

With its built-in integrations, you save countless hours by connecting your product catalog to marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Google, Walmart, YouTube. Orders and inventory sync automatically and are easily managed from a unified dashboard.

Automatic savings on transactions

Each Managed WooCommerce Stores plan comes integrated with GoDaddy Payments for both online and in-person transactions with the lowest fees, compared with other providers. The platform also supports more than 250 other third-party payment providers.

Built for more sales

As a business grows, the Managed WooCommerce Stores plan will scale with it. Each plan includes access to thousands of add-on extensions on the WooCommerce Marketplace, giving you the flexibility to grow your store, your way.

What problems can our Managed WooCommerce Stores plans solve?

We took a close look at common pain points that businesses face when running a multichannel business, and then guided development to create a better experience:

  • One stop shop — Rather than cobbling together multiple applications to support evolving business needs, each Managed WooCommerce Stores plan includes all the right tools as part of an integrated platform. Multiple plan tiers and numerous available features support continued growth.
  • Multichannel selling & inventory management — A single dashboard enables selling and inventory management across multiple sales channels including your managed WooCommerce online store, in-person, online marketplaces and social platforms. Gone are the days of scrambling between multiple disconnected inventory management systems to keep inventory in sync, and instead manage everything from a single dashboard.
  • Grows with your business — When new business needs arise, the right tools are just a few clicks away. Our Managed WooCommerce Stores plans include access to thousands of add-on features, including drop shipping, QuickBooks integration, email marketing and more.
  • Ultimate flexibility — A large, active network of open-source developers frees you from the limitations that often come from other ecommerce platforms. Managed WooCommerce Stores plans, built on WordPress, allow a business to maintain complete ownership of their site, without being tied to a single tech provider.
  • Stay focused on your business — Pros (like web developers and designers) supporting clients can focus more of their time and attention on the website build, rather than hosting management. Our managed platform is optimized for performance and security, including hardware, software versions and extensions.

Why are our Managed WooCommerce Stores plans better?

Today, there’s no shortage of ecommerce solutions, but with its performance, stability and scalability, Managed WooCommerce Stores plans are a strong option for high-powered ecommerce. Fully managed WordPress-optimized hosting from Pagely means the technology stack needs far less attention.

When new features are required, there’s exclusive and free access to premium WooCommerce extensions and enhanced functionality from SkyVerge. Marketplace sync and selling is supported using the best features from Sellbrite.

With WordPress and WooCommerce already installed, businesses save time through automatically installed updates for core software, plugins and extensions. Ongoing performance optimization means shoppers will always have the best possible experience, while you’ll enjoy controlled costs as your business grows.

When your business needs help, GoDaddy’s WooCommerce and WordPress expert support team is ready to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Get a free migration and some peace of mind. Once you pick your Managed WooCommerce Stores plan, our WooCommerce experts will personally migrate your existing WooCommerce store over to our new platform.

How we decided the market needs our Managed WooCommerce Stores plans

As we developed our Managed WooCommerce Stores plans, we studied ecommerce around the world to understand the adoption of technology solutions. WooCommerce merchants sold some $11 billion in merchandise in 2019.

WooCommerce holds a 24% market share, with 94% of all WordPress ecommerce sites running the ecommerce integration.

Across the globe, WooCommerce is downloaded more than 30,000 times each day and it now supports over 66 different languages. When a business approaches the apex of online selling, it's clear WooCommerce is an important part of the conversation.

But the best is yet to come

GoDaddy continues to make a more meaningful contributions to the WordPress community through initiatives like Five for the Future and WordCamp — both domestically and overseas. We’ve been learning a lot and putting our resources toward making a better WordPress for everyone.

We’re very proud to have launched Managed WooCommerce Stores, but this is only the beginning of what’s possible.

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