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13 of the best mobile apps to run your small business

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Jay Egger

As a small business owner, you are in charge of so much: finances, project management, communications, marketing, and hiring — to name a few. Encountering issues from one or more of these departments is just your typical day in the office. However, putting out fires can consume a considerable amount of time and energy. Why get held back by day-to-day concerns when some of the best mobile apps can make your life much easier and your business more successful?

The best mobile apps automate processes and reduce the likelihood of errors. In addition, you can access them anywhere, so you can stay on top of your business while you’re on the go.

13 best mobile apps for your business

Take back your time and energy with the help of these 13 mobile apps for your small business.

  1. QuickBooks.
  2. Freshbooks.
  3. Square POS.
  4. GoDaddy SmartLine.
  5. Slack.
  6. Skype.
  7. Insightly.
  8. Asana.
  9. Time Doctor.
  10. Hootsuite.
  11. Iconosquare.
  12. Workable.
  13. Indeed Employer.

From finance/payment apps to communication apps and more, these are the best mobile apps around. Keep reading to learn more.

1. QuickBooks

Best Mobile Apps Quickbooks
Source: QuickBooks

Monitor your company’s financial condition with the help of QuickBooks’s accounting software. The application enables you to keep track of your company’s revenues and expenses, look at financial statements, and send payments to staff and business partners.

With the software’s expenses tracking feature, you can upload images of invoices from your mobile device. In addition, QuickBooks makes it easy to file your taxes accurately.

QuickBooks even has a 30-day, free trial offer. If you’re satisfied, you can get QuickBooks Online for a reasonable monthly fee.

For your mobile device, check out iTunes and Google Play.

2. Freshbooks

Best Mobile Apps Freshbooks
Source: Freshbooks

If your business is working on a tight budget, the Freshbooks app helps you maintain a cost-effective and lean business. The mobile app enables you to design professional-looking invoices, and it automates client billing for recurring invoices to ensure you get paid on time! In addition, the app allows you to accept credit card payments using your mobile device, as well as track and organize incoming sales.

Freshbooks offers a 30-day, free trial period. After that, there’s a nominal monthly fee.

For your mobile device, check out iTunes and Google Play.

3. Square POS

Best Mobile Apps Square
Source: Square

Businesses that rely on point-of-sale purchases should consider using Square. Square is a popular and user-friendly mobile app that enables small businesses to accept and process credit card payments, monitor inventory, and manage employee access. Moreover, this mobile credit card processing app comes with a free swipe reader and integrates with other financial apps such as QuickBooks.

Unlike other apps on this list, Square does not charge a monthly fee. Merchants pay a small percentage per swipe and a slightly higher amount for each manual entry (see exact pricing details at their site).

For your mobile device, check out iTunes and Google Play.

Editor’s note: Want an online store that integrates seamlessly with Square? Check out GoDaddy’s GoCentral Website Builder. Setup is easy, and you don’t even need a reader to start accepting payments.

4. SmartLine

Best Mobile Apps SmartLine
Source: GoDaddy

Make your personal smartphone your business line, too, with SmartLine. This mobile app lets you use a second number on your phone, so you can professionally answer business calls without having to carry two phones all the time.

Features include:

  • A local number with a U.S. area code.
  • See whether an incoming call is for personal or business purposes.
  • Use your business number to make and receive calls.
  • Set business hours and forward calls to voicemail after hours.

You can try SmartLine for free for one month. After that, continue to enjoy your business line for a small monthly fee.

For your mobile device, check out iTunes and Google Play.

5. Slack

Slack is perfect for small businesses with employees working remotely. The instant messaging application enables you to organize your team’s workflow into separate channels and allows members to send private messages to each other. In addition, members can drag and drop files right into a channel or private window for easier file sharing. Your conversations are saved, too, as Slack automatically archives all sent messages and files, making it easy to pull up a conversation later.

Slack’s free version archives 10,000 of your team’s recent messages regardless of the number of users. If you’d prefer unlimited archiving and search, you can upgrade for a reasonable fee per active user per month.

For your mobile device, check out iTunes and Google Play.

6. Skype

Best Mobile Apps Skype
Source: GSMArena

For many people, Skype is the first thing that comes to their mind when you say free video calling. There are 74 million Skype users globally. Small businesses can have a video conference call with up to 25 users for free. Skype also has other features, such as chat, file sharing, screen sharing and more.

Most small businesses only need the free version of Skype. However, if you want to have very large meetings and seamless integration with Office apps, Skype for Business is available for a small monthly fee per user.

For your mobile device, check out iTunes and Google Play.

7. Insightly

Insightly is a powerful tool that combines project management and customer relationship management (CRM) features.

1.5 million small businesses rely on Insightly to manage their contacts, create projects and assign tasks, track progress of tasks, and a lot more.

The newest version of the app enables you to import your contacts straight from your mobile device. With Insightly, you get to save contact information and project status while keeping operations on schedule.

The app has a free version that covers two users. Small business owners can pay a reasonable monthly fee per user for the basic version.

For your mobile device, check out iTunes and Google Play.

8. Asana

Best Mobile Apps Asana
Source: Asana

If you need project management more than contact management, give Asana a try. The project management app was initially used by Facebook employees to track tasks and enable effective team collaboration without sending dozens of back and forth emails. Nowadays, the app offers multiple features, including task assignment and scheduling, task updating, and reminder sending. Asana helps reduce emails related to project management, giving your team more time to work on the actual task at hand.

Asana is free for teams with up to 15 users. The premium version is available for a reasonable monthly fee per user.

For your mobile device, check out iTunes and Google Play.

9. Time Doctor

Best Mobile Apps Time Doctor
Source: TheNextWeb

Time Doctor is a time tracking tool that monitors the billable hours of your employees and contractors. Whenever users are logged in, the app records the time they spend on a task or a project while taking screenshots. This enables you to see how much time is being spent on a particular task so you can make necessary staffing adjustments. In addition, Time Doctor integrates with many other popular apps, including Asana, QuickBooks, Freshbooks and Slack.

The mobile app offers a 30-day, free trial period. After that, small businesses pay a reasonable monthly fee per user.

For your mobile device, check out iTunes and Google Play.

10. Hootsuite

Best Mobile Apps Hootsuite
Source: Hootsuite

Keep your social media accounts churning with content with the help of Hootsuite. The social media management platform allows you to schedule and share your posts across social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more. Hootsuite also has an analytics tool that helps you measure the impact of your campaigns. As you automate your social media posts, you free up time to engage with followers and improve your marketing strategy.

Hootsuite offers a free, 30-day trial period, and then you can continue to use it for a moderate monthly fee.

For your mobile device, check out iTunes and Google Play.

11. Iconosquare

Best Mobile Apps Iconosquare
Source: iTunes

Instagram is a popular marketing app for small businesses. In fact, 15 million registered businesses have Instagram business profiles.

With the photo-sharing app’s huge marketing potential, it is unfortunate that it does not have a built-in analytics tool. Enter Iconosquare. The mobile app generates analytics reports, such as follower and engagement growth. In addition, it helps you plan your Instagram posts and lets you manage multiple Instagram accounts.

Iconosquare can help take your Instagram marketing to the next level.

Iconosquare offers a free, 14-day trial period. Pricing after that starts at a reasonable monthly fee.

For your mobile device, check out iTunes and Google Play.

12. Workable

Best Mobile Apps Workable
Source: Google Play

As unemployment rates hit a record low in many states, businesses are now fighting a war to recruit and keep quality talent. Get ahead of your competitors with the help of Workable. This recruitment and applicant tracking mobile app allows small businesses to post to integrated job boards, view candidate profiles, schedule interviews, assess team feedback, and see reports of your hiring pipeline. The app helps you manage your hiring wherever you go.

Workable offers a 15-day trial period. They also offer a Pay As You Go Plan for a moderate monthly fee.

For your mobile device, check out iTunes and Google Play.

13. Indeed Employer

Best Mobile Apps Indeed
Source: Google Play

If your small business is working on a limited budget, perhaps you prefer a mobile app that lets you source candidates at no cost. Indeed Employer allows you to post jobs on the world’s largest job board, manage candidates, and track the results of your hiring campaign from your mobile device.

While the app’s features are free, there are usage limits you have to keep in mind. You can get rid of these limits by sponsoring jobs for a nominal daily fee.

For your mobile device, check out iTunes and Google Play.

In conclusion

Putting out fires is an inevitable part of being a small business owner. Fortunately, the above 13 best mobile apps can help you automate tasks and increase efficiency in your day-to-day activities. These finance, communications, operations and time management, online marketing, and hiring mobile apps not only reduce the likelihood of errors, but they also help you stay on top of your business wherever you go.

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