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3 ways to use emails to boost Etsy marketing

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Emma Wilhelm

Etsy is an inspiring and creative site, and we love it. If you're an online seller, you can boost your Etsy marketing tactics with our free add-on through GoDaddy Email Marketing, which makes it easier for you to alert your customers to new items, tell the story behind your products, launch to new customers, and extend your storefront. Are you ready to get started?

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Goods from GoDaddy customers and Etsy sellers sparkflight, SimplyMadJewelry and Steel Petal Press.

3 ways to use Etsy marketing with GoDaddy email newsletters

1. Add your latest products to a newsletter.

The main function of our Etsy add-on is an automatic 'sync' of any products you add to your store and the GoDaddy composer. Once you 'sync' new products, you're ready to include them in a newsletter as quickly as possible. It's a lovely way to make your newsletter subscribers feel like they're 'in the know' or getting first dibs on new items.

2. Check in with customers who purchased an item recently.

Use the information Etsy gathers for you as a way to segment your audience and check in with them. Did an unusually large number of people buy a certain item? Check in with them and find out if they're liking it or to start a dialog. You can import the list of purchasers to GoDaddy as their own list and send to them directly.

3. Engage your customers with stories.

Handmade is so obviously made with love. Take the time to share some of the effort or motivation that went into a product that's for sale in your Etsy store. An email newsletter is the best place to deepen your relationship with your customer-base because stories bring the items and you, the seller, to life. Here's a fantastic example of what we mean.

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