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5 ways to integrate your social media and email marketing

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Emma Wilhelm

Want to score more followers, likes, shares, and tweets? Integrate your social media and email marketing newsletter to maximize your social media presence!

First, decide which social media channels are most important for your business or organization. Where does your audience like to play online? That's where you want to be! Just don't spread yourself too thin. It's more effective to choose a few relevant channels (and really rock them) than to dabble in all of them without gaining much traction.

Once you know where you want to focus your social energy, try these five tips for integrating your social media and email marketing newsletters.

1. Share your email newsletter signup form on social media.

On the GoDaddy Email Marketing screen, you'll see "Signup Forms" at the top of the page. If you don't already have one, create a new signup form. Then click "Share" to copy your signup form URL. Then paste the URL into your tweet, Facebook status, or other social share. Be sure to include some context, such as, "For timely updates on [whatever you do], sign up for my email newsletter!" Don't make this a one-time share—it's a good idea to share your signup form regularly.

In GoDaddy Email Marketing, select "Addons" at the top of your screen. Then click on the "Social" option. With this feature, you can place lots of different social media icons at the bottom of your newsletters. When readers click these icons, they'll visit you on social media (these icons are not for sharing the specific newsletter; see #5 for that functionality). Learn more about how to add social icons to your newsletters.

3. Make your email newsletter content more shareable.

When you write something particularly share-worthy, make it easy for your readers to share it on social media. This is easy to do with tools like Click to Tweet or hrefshare.

With both of these tools, you type in the message that you want your readers to share, and the tool generates a special link you can use in your newsletter or blog post. When readers click the link, your message automatically gets added to a new tweet or status update.

Here's an example using Click to Tweet: Does your email newsletter need a little somethin'? Bring pithy quotes to life with click-to-share tools! (Click here to tweet this idea).

hrefshare is similar, but it also allows you to create links for Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. Note that Click to Tweet offers analytics, while hrefshare does not.

4. Encourage your readers to share a web-based version of your latest email newsletter on social media.

Make it easy for readers to share your newsletter by adding social share buttons. These optional buttons appear above your newsletter header. You'll have the chance to add them right before you send your newsletter. Click "Send," then "Details." Then you'll be able to select which share buttons you want to enable.

5. Share a web-based version of your latest newsletter on social media.

Once you've sent your newsletter, maximize its reach by sharing a web-based version on social media. From your GoDaddy dashboard, simply click "Share" at the bottom of the promotion you want to share. Options include Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest. You can also copy a short URL to post anywhere.

Want simple integration with Facebook, Google Analytics and more? Try GoDaddy Email Marketing.

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