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7 digital product ideas for beauty and spa businesses

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Raubi Marie Perilli

While social distancing and stay-at-home orders might’ve forced your beauty and spa businesses to close its doors — it shouldn’t prevent you from serving your customers. There are ways for beauty and spa businesses to continue to help customers and generate revenue now and in the future. You just need to do it in a new way: through digital products.

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7 digital product ideas for beauty and spa businesses

Beauty and spa businesses can put their unique knowledge and skills to use by creating digital products that they can sell now, while their doors are closed, and in the future, as a means to generate additional revenue from customers across the world.

  1. Hair tutorials.
  2. Makeup tutorials.
  3. Product guides.
  4. Special event guides.
  5. Client acquisition and retention advice.
  6. Beauty or spa business launch advice.
  7. How to create a spa experience in your home.

The best digital product ideas are likely going to be info-products. Info-products are packages of information that are educational or entertaining. Here are a few examples of digital product ideas for a beauty or spa business.

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1. Hair tutorials

Guide audiences through the process of creating a certain style or look. Offer step-by-step instructions so audiences can do it on their own or for a friend or family member. Consider how you can niche down to offer child hairstyles or looks for long hair.

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2. Makeup tutorials

Give lessons on how to put together a professional makeup look. These tutorials could be short and sweet or lengthy guides that also include advice on choosing the right colors and products.

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3. Product guides

As a beauty or spa professional, you have likely tried many products on the market. Share that knowledge with your audience. Create a product guide that lists your top products and tips for using them to get the best results.

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4. Special event guides

Think about the events or special occasions that typically drive someone to your beauty or spa business, and create a guide for getting through that day. For example, if you serve wedding parties, create a guide for brides on how to schedule the perfect morning before the ceremony.

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5. Client acquisition and retention advice

Don’t limit yourself to thinking solely about your customers as the audience for your digital products. Think about stylists, providers or spa owners as your audience, and create content for them that teaches them how to mimic your success. For example, if you have a system for bringing in new clients, create material that helps other stylists do the same.

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6. Beauty or spa business launch advice

Go even deeper with your advice for aspiring beauty or spa business owners by offering lessons about how to launch a business. This could include information about building a successful brick-and-mortar business or a smaller solo practice.

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7. How to create a spa experience in your home

You have special knowledge, even if you don't immediately recognize it. For example, if you run a spa, you must know a thing or two about decorating a serene and calming space. Turn that into a tutorial for your audience.

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How to package your digital product ideas

Once you have an idea for the information you’d like to share, consider your options for how to get the material to your customers. You can also use a domain name generator to see if you can find a domain name that would fit your digital business

There are a variety of ways you can package and deliver your digital products.

  • Email Series: Deliver a series of content to audiences over a set period of time. All you need is an email marketing software.
  • Workbooks/ebook: Turn a process into a book or guided series of worksheets that help audiences complete or prepare for a task. You can sell digital products by adding an ecommerce shop on your website.
  • Workshops: Host a live event or record a session where you walk your audience through a specific project. You can lead workshops through tools like social media live or Zoom.
  • Group Coaching: Put together a program with regular meetings or lessons in a group setting. Meetings can take place in Facebook groups or through virtual conferencing.
  • Private Training: Work one-on-one with customers who want more in-depth training. Communicate via video conferencing or regular phone calls.
  • Courses: Create a program filled with a series of lessons. You can create and host courses on platforms like Teachable or Skillshare.
  • Affiliate Products: You can even sell products without creating your own product. Using an affiliate program, you can promote products (both digital or physical) that your audience might be interested in. When they buy using your link, you can generate revenue with each sale.

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Digital products ideas to support your business now and in the future

Selling digital products is a great way to support your beauty and spa business during COVID-19 closures. It is also something that can add value for your brand in the future as you continue to sell to customers both near and far.

Use these tips to come up with ideas for online offerings for your spa or beauty business. Then, get more information about how you can support your business during these tumultuous times by checking out GoDaddy’s #OpenWeStand site for resources and insights from other business owners.

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