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Websites + Marketing: Enhanced email marketing features for your business

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Raghu Prabhu

Email is so common now that email marketing can be an impactful platform for small business owners to acquire and retain customers. When it comes to growing your business, small business owners need enhanced email marketing features to let customers know about their current products and services, exciting new offers, or to keep them apprised of upcoming new products.

No online marketing plan is 100% complete without it.

However, creating and analyzing campaigns can be daunting and time consuming for small business owners. That is why we are excited to announce that Websites + Marketing now offers several enhancements to the email marketing capabilities making it easier and faster for small business owners to connect with their customers.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners can now easily create effective and eye-catching content using GoDaddy’s vast template and theme library, by importing templates and themes they already created using our Content Creator, or by customizing and building their own template to suit their needs.

Connect with your customers using enhanced email marketing features

Websites + Marketing makes reaching out to customers with professionally designed, effective email marketing campaigns easy.

Before we get started, you’ll need a Websites + Marketing account. Once you’re all set up, or if you already have an account, log in and select your Websites + Marketing site.

From your dashboard, select Marketing > Email Marketing or select Connections > All Connections. Here you can first import customers, subscribers, or members you already have, or straight away create a new campaign.

Start from scratch and build your own template, or use one of our suggested templates depending on the purpose of the email or email campaign.

Customize your email content

Once you have decided on your initial template, you can then customize the design as you desire.

You can change the themes of the template to reflect your brand image and campaign purpose using our featured template library. You can also change the color scheme, font size, and font color within a specific template to suit your needs.

For your convenience, you can save these modified templates for future use by clicking on the prompt. This feature ensures that every campaign going forward showcases your brand by creating a new theme to save the changes you've made.

Each of our pre-built templates lays a strong foundation for you to build upon. Add your brand logo and images to showcase your products or services to bolster your message.

For example, images can be added at the top, in the middle or even at the bottom of the email to suit the purpose of the email. Text and images can be laid out side-by-side.

You can easily import your own image, choose from our extensive library of images, or choose an image you have already created using Content Creator. The call-to-action button can be changed to reflect the purpose of the emails, and emails can even be divided into two sections if required.

Finally, you can add the right subject line and allow for social media sharing of this campaign by your customers to get the word out even more.

Choose when and where to send to

Once your email has been built, you can then send to all your subscribers, or send to specific individuals from your list. From there, you can either send now or send later depending on the nature of the email and desired outcome.

These new and improved email marketing features are now available to all Websites + Marketing customers in all markets.

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