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Free email tools to enhance your newsletter

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Emma Wilhelm

There are several free email tools for composing a beautiful newsletter in The Simple Guide to Email Marketing. Even if you don't describe yourself as tech or design savvy, these tools can save you time and inspire you. (In fact, they're made for you.)

Email Tools Toolkit

Save time composing newsletters with powerful email tools

"It's worth getting to know these email tools. They'll be your sidekicks. By familiarizing yourself with their basic uses, you'll avoid running into roadblocks along your composition journey. That means less stress...It's all about the company you keep! Using simple but powerful tools is empowering. It will save you tons of time and result in a better email."

The best image editing email tools for your newsletter

On a Mac

Evernote: This is a neat little screenshot tool. You can use it to resize and crop images.
ColorSnapper: This color picker is easy to use and a great help in creating your color scheme (your "Theme").

On a PC

Just Color Picker: A simple and easy color picker for PC.

For either a Mac or PC 

Jing: Jing takes great screenshots and is super easy to use.

Flickr: The Commons on Flickr is an awesome resource for grabbing images to use in your emails.

For the complete list of email tools, check out the free The Simple Guide to Email Marketing. It's available in the The Garage.

Well edited and optimized images, branding, and overall look are a key part of getting your newsletters seen and read. Use these email tools to give your newsletter a leg up.

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