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How to make a wedding website that wows before the vows

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Antoinette Childs

You said “Yes!” to the love of your life. Now the hard part begins — no, not the actual marriage (yet!) — planning the perfect wedding ceremony, and somehow keeping track of all those minute details you never even considered. So, how do you keep it all together and keep all of your guests informed? One helpful tool is a wedding website where you can house and share the important details of your wedding — from guest lists and registries to event schedules and travel info — all in one easy-to-access location. And like your love, you’ll want to learn how to make a wedding website that’s just as unique.

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How to make a wedding website in 5 simple steps

Setting up your own site might feel overwhelming when you already have a mile-long marriage to-do list. But it’s really not that hard. You can make a wedding website by following these steps.

  1. Pick the perfect domain name.

  2. Personalize your website.

  3. Add useful information.

  4. Tell your love story.

  5. Share your wedding website.

Let’s get started creating your unique wedding website.

1. Pick the perfect domain name

First, you’ll want to choose a domain name. You don’t want to start building a website only to find the name you picked is taken.

Choose a domain name that’s easy to remember, and maybe even something that can tie into a cool and creative hashtag.

The common .com can be expensive and hard to come by. But, there are plenty of other domain extensions that will help your wedding website stand out. Consider .love or .wedding to find the perfect URL.

Find your perfect domain name now!

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2. Personalize your website

Now that you have your domain name secured, it’s time to start building your website. GoDaddy's DIY website builder allows you to build a website in under an hour. With wedding templates readily available, you can create a perfect website without any need for technical expertise.

Think about yourselves as a couple and choose a website theme accordingly.

This website is all about your love, so feel free to personalize it! Add in the small details that make your relationship so special. Form your website around your world travels, your heritage or your mutual love of “The Office,” and your site will be set apart from the crowd.

How To Make A Wedding Website Example
GoCentral has a variety of wedding templates to build your perfect website.

If you need some extra help determining your themes and wedding style, take this quiz!

3. Add useful information

Now let's get into the meat of the website — the content. You want your website to be an easy way for your guests to access the information that they need.

A useful website will help avoid a lot of those pesky last-minute questions that you’ve already answered a million times.

But before you get too flowery in your content, make sure the basics are covered.

Your website will, of course, need the date, time and location of your actual ceremony, as well as any other events you have planned (rehearsal dinner, shower, or pictures). Haven’t gotten that far yet? No worries! You can put up a “save the date” page and add in other details as they are confirmed.

You’ll also need to mention attire (casual, black tie, etc.) and any general climate information (it gets chilly in the evenings, this is the rainy season, etc.). Make sure to add in an RSVP feature and a link to your registry information.

Also, consider your out-of-town guests, and be sure to provide hotel and entertainment recommendations if they are coming in for the weekend. If this is a destination wedding, make sure to add in travel info for flights, land transportation and hotels.

4. Tell your love story

How To Make A Wedding Website Love

Now, on to the fun stuff! Telling your unique story is one sure way to make your wedding website stand out. Talk about your whirlwind courtship or that slightly embarrassing moment during your first date. Include the moment you each knew your partner was “the one.” Talk about that awesome website theme you already have going on.

Give your guests a warm, cozy feeling with your tale of love. Just keep it PG if you want your granny sharing it with her friends.

And don’t forget to give a shout out to the wedding party and officiant. Write a short blurb about the people in your wedding, including how you know them and a fun fact or a special moment you had with them. They’ll be pumped for the mention and it will encourage them to share your site.

Then tell us about your future plans. Are you taking a dream honeymoon to Hawaii or cruising the French Riviera? Are you relocating to Texas or making it big in New York? Make sure you round out the story with something enticing about the future.

Keep it short and simple! It’s still a website, not your memoirs. (But, hey, who knows, this could be a killer start!)

Finally, share cute pictures. Words are nice, but we want to see how in love you are. If you have engagement photos, definitely add them here. And crowdsource some awesome shots from your friends and family. Bonus point for adorable baby photos.

5. Share your wedding website

Now that your site is picture-perfect, people need to see it! Well … the right people, anyway. The best way to do this is to add the website to any correspondence you send out: your “save the date” announcement, shower invite or ceremony invite.

You can always share your open events on social media, but if you have any invite-only events, you might want to consider not including them on your general website and just sending them to the invitees, or password protecting the entire site.

And that’s how to make a wedding website that wows

A wedding website can make the dissemination of wedding information easy. All the details and events are housed in one place. You can highlight your awesome wedding party and start actually writing your love story. Add in some special photos of you and your beloved and personalize your site to make it as unique as your love story. Congrats on your engagement, now get to planning a perfect wedding website that stands out!

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