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How to sell WooCommerce to your clients

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Tom Rankin

Developing an eCommerce site can be a tough gig. There are many moving parts to consider, not to mention various opinions. It can be difficult to get the project moving, so a quality eCommerce solution is a vital foundation for smooth development. And when you know how to sell WooCommerce to clients, it gives you a big head start.

Although there are plenty of tools that can host an eCommerce store, not all platforms are created equal. While you should always respect your client’s preferences when selecting a suitable solution, WooCommerce will often be a frontrunner thanks to its ease of use and breadth of features. And when you leverage WordPress Hosting from GoDaddy, you’re adding value for your clients in a big way.

How to sell WooCommerce to your clients

Trying to sell WooCommerce to your clients? Get a leg up with these strategies.

  1. Sell WooCommerce based on its potential longevity.

  2. Stress its popularity.

  3. Highlight its flexibility and scalability.

These strategies will help you make a case for clients choosing WooCommerce. You might not be a born salesman, but you can easily show that WooCommerce is the way forward! Let’s look at each idea in more detail.

1. Sell WooCommerce based on its potential longevity

Sell WooCommerce Longevity
Along with developing WordPress itself, Automattic also manages WooCommerce.

One of your client’s key concerns will often be whether the solution they choose might end up obsolete in the future. After all, the fallout from this scenario is a huge drain on resources for many businesses, if it comes time to switch platforms.

If you can offer your client an eCommerce solution that is almost guaranteed to work over the long run, it will be easier to convince them to spend time and money. Plus, they’ll have peace of mind from knowing their platform will provide stability and efficiency going forward.

Fortunately, WooCommerce’s developer makes it simple to trust in the solution’s longevity. While it used to be a third-party plugin, WooCommerce is now owned and developed by Automattic, the creators of, Jetpack, VaultPress and other major WordPress products. This means WooCommerce is a flagship eCommerce solution and likely to be a key part of Automattic’s product range for the foreseeable future.

Pointing out this fact to clients should help to ease their minds about choosing WooCommerce. You might also want to mention this platform’s extreme popularity — another vital aspect for longevity.

2. Stress its popularity

Sell WooCommerce Popularity
The WooCommerce team’s love for open-source means they contribute many projects to the WordPress community.

While popularity isn’t always a key metric to consider when looking to sell WooCommerce as a solution, widespread adoption is a boon for WordPress plugins (and WooCommerce in particular). For your clients, WooCommerce’s popularity offers the kind of stability that should help ease their concerns.

Just under one third of eCommerce websites use WooCommerce, and that large user base translates to a rock-solid foundation on which to build an eCommerce store.

Like WordPress itself, WooCommerce is open-source software. This means any developer can suggest changes and work on the source code. While your client might not appreciate overly technical explanations, point out that not only is WooCommerce supported by Automattic’s team, but practically any WordPress developer can browse the code and make it better. This all stands to make WooCommerce a stable, long-term solution for hosting an eCommerce website.

However, the broad range of developmental resources is only one benefit of this solution’s popularity. WooCommerce is also hugely successful with users and is currently the most popular eCommerce platform for WordPress, which, in turn, is the most widely used content management system (CMS) out there. Couple this with WooCommerce’s large developer base, and there’s enough support to keep WooCommerce alive and vital for many years to come.

3. Highlight its flexibility and scalability

Sell WooCommerce Flexibility
WooCommerce offers many extensions (free, premium, and third-party) to enhance your store’s functionality.

Finally, flexibility will be a key consideration when you sell WooCommerce to clients. It’ll become especially important if they ever want to create further product lines or change focus completely. What’s more, clients with ambitious plans or an established customer base will want to know that the solution they choose can handle the influx of traffic they’re expecting.

The good news is, thanks to WooCommerce’s many developers and vast popularity, there are a multitude of themes and extensions that help you add almost any type of functionality to your clients’ eCommerce sites.

There are also third-party extensions (both free and premium) that can offer even more options. Plus, the fact that WooCommerce is a developer-friendly platform means it will be easy to customize it further based on each client’s needs.

As for scalability, you can simply point out some of the top sites using WooCommerce. The strong foundation of the codebase means that it’s a trusted solution for businesses of all sizes and industries. All in all, this means your client can sleep easy knowing they’re in good hands — another bonus when you’re trying to sell WooCommerce.

WooCommerce has all the attributes of a quality eCommerce solution

If your client has other ideas, you should always respect their wishes — after all, they are paying you — but it’s a good idea to offer a solid explanation of why WooCommerce is the top eCommerce solution for WordPress. Let’s recap:

  1. Longevity — With Automattic at the helm, WooCommerce will likely be around for a very long time.
  2. Popularity — This solution is popular with site owners and developers, so its status as number one is all but cemented for the long run.
  3. Scalability — WooCommerce is a flexible and scalable solution that’s suitable for storefronts of all sizes and types.

Hopefully this article has provided you with three ways to sell WooCommerce as solution to your clients’ eCommerce needs.

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