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How to transfer your domain name to GoDaddy (and why you’d want to)

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Erik Wong

Everybody changes their mind from time to time. And one of the changes available is something we’ll discuss today. Of course, I mean changing your domain name registrar. It’s just a fancy way of saying you want to transfer your domain name to another company.

Some of you might not have even been aware that such a thing was possible, while some of you might be wondering how to transfer your domain name.

Well, stop wondering and keep reading. We’re about to cover all the gritty details of domain name transfers. We’ll look at how to transfer your domain name, why you would want to, and why GoDaddy is the best new home when you transfer your domain name.

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What’s a domain name transfer?

A domain name transfer is a change of service provider, from one registrar to another. It’s important to note this isn’t a change of ownership — you remain the registrant, no matter your registrar. When you transfer your domain name, you’re simply choosing a different company to help manage your registration and settings.

Think of it like changing cell phone carriers: You still have the same phone and number, but you are just using a different company’s infrastructure. For a refresher on the “three R’s” of the domain world, take a sec to check out this post.

Why would you want to change domain registrars?

All registrars are not created equal, which leads many to wonder how to transfer your domain name. Each company has different resources and restrictions, while offers offer unique tie-in products (such as web hosting and email) and maintain different prices.

As with any shopping endeavor, it’s important to balance convenience, quality and cost when making a decision about registrars.

Some lower-end companies offer cheap or free domains, but don’t allow you to manage your own DNS. Other companies will offer inexpensive tie-in products, but overcharge you on the cost of the domain, or provide little to no support for those tie-in products.

Lastly, as with anything in life, things change. A company you might have liked in the past could change their policies and prices. Maybe you had one too many bad run-ins with their tech support department, or maybe you just received a better deal somewhere else. We all have to mind our budgets, after all.

GoDaddy’s support teams have heard all of these reasons, and more, when people request to transfer their domains. With award-winning, industry-leading, 24/7 tech support, competitively priced domains and a full suite of tie-in products — such as Microsoft Office 365 and Wordpress Hosting — GoDaddy is the smart call when you’re ready to transfer you domain name.

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How to transfer your domain to GoDaddy

Both the losing and the gaining registrar play a part when you transfer your domain name. The losing registrar will help verify that your domain is not locked and OK to transfer. They will also provide an authorization code for the transfer.

Once you have that, purchase a domain name transfer from GoDaddy (don’t worry, they make up for the fee with free time on the registration period). They’ll provide both a security code and transaction ID to prove the service was purchased.

Take those three codes and plug them into GoDaddy’s Incoming Transfer Dashboard, and they take care of the rest! Domain name transfers can take four to seven days to complete, but there’s no need to keep an eye on it. GoDaddy emails you as soon as it has completed.

For step-by-step instructions on how to transfer your domain name, take a peek at this help article or watch the video:

What about my website and emails?

When you transfer your domain name between registrars, mind what tie-in products came with that domain. While all that data will not automatically follow you between companies, it’s entirely possible — and, in fact, a regular occurrence — to have your domain with one company and tie-in services with another.

Your email and website should experience minimal to no downtime during the transfer process.

If you want all your items under one roof, though, be aware of the process for moving things like hosting plans and email backups from one company to another. GoDaddy’s top-rated tech teams can help determine if you should migrate your existing content or start anew with a different product to better suit your specific needs.

That wasn’t so bad, was it?

Now that you know how to transfer your domain name, you’re ready to unlock a world of infinite possibility and freedom. Recognizing the mobility of your online presence is key to ensuring that you’re always partnering with a company who has your back.

With GoDaddy’s award-winning customer service and cutting-edge technology, why would you settle for anything less from another registrar? Millions of business owners and entrepreneurs trust GoDaddy with their business needs, and thousands of people make the switch every month.

Join the great migration, and see what you and your business can achieve when the world’s largest domain registrar has your back!

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